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Gucci Announced A New Design Language In The History Of High Watchmaking With Grip Sapphire And Grip Gold

Luxferity, 12.05.2021

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As part of an exceptional suite of Gucci high watchmaking designs, launched in 2021, the centenary of the House, two unique Grip collections are announced. Each illuminates the creativity, craftsmanship and technical skill that has underpinned Gucci creations since the luxury fashion house was established by Guccio Gucci in 1921.

Grip turned heads when Gucci launched the watch in 2019, thanks to its clever cor-relation of influences, from 1970s skater-chic to art-deco via the 1960s Interlocking G logo. Jump Hour technology was first seen giving a modernist slant to wristwatches in the 1920s. A century later, contemporary design and classic technology meet as Gucci gives the Jump Hour new resonance in two extraordinary watch suites: Grip Sapphire and Grip Gold.

The Jump Hour module fitted to Grip’s automatic movement pairs an hours disc that is triggered to jump forward every hour, to a minutes disc that sweeps around through 60 minutes. The technology is creatively expressed on the clean watch dial of Grip Gold in two curved apertures – the higher window indicating the hours, the lower re-laying the minutes in Gucci’s signature retro-digital watch font. Grip Sapphire high-lights the hours and minutes on coloured lacquered discs juxtaposing the transparent tone of each watch.

Grip Sapphire and Grip Gold high watchmaking editions perfectly evoke Gucci’s rich history of craftsmanship, fusing eras, styles, cultures, and technology to create de-signs true to the Florentine House. Each elevates Grip’s elegantly simple form to dazzling new heights.

  • Grip Sapphire

Grip Sapphire is presented in four transparent tones – clear, blue, smoky pink and green, the hours and minutes windows on each dial highlighted in a contrasting colored shade. Grip Sapphire is a compelling design with a case made entirely from sapphire crystal and fitted with a fascinating Jump Hour movement.

The combination of retro-digital looks with precious technological materials presents an ultramodern watch design crafting traditions and cutting-edge technology.

Gucci Announced A New Design Language In The History Of High Watchmaking With Grip Sapphire And Gold

Fabricating a watch case from sapphire is a high-risk process because while its hardness gives the material exceptional durability, the force and stresses involved in machining it are extreme. To cut sapphire to the precise dimensions required for a watch case depends on the experience and patience of the cutter who understands that, as with precious gemstones, every cut risks cracking or shattering the sapphire.

As Grip Sapphire shows, the end result is exceptional. The transparent 40mm sapphire case – in an array of fresh, modern shades – gives the original Grip design an entirely fresh point of view. The contrasting colored glass on the minutes and hour windows are a playful technical detail in keeping with Gucci’s typical approach. A transparent rubber tone-on-tone strap embossed with the Interlocking G motif and a steel ardillon buckle only serve to underline the contemporary identity of this collection.

Gucci Announced A New Design Language In The History Of High Watchmaking With Grip Sapphire And Gold

  • Grip Gold

Today, Grip Gold is launched in four precious iterations in an agenda-setting design that balances intricate crafts with cutting-edge techniques and technology. Rare hardstones adorn the dials of three new Grip models: the face of the 18kt white gold timepiece is crafted in black falcon’s eye, while two 18kt yellow gold versions are realised in green malachite, and tiger’s-eye respectively. Each dial has a naturally unique appearance. The material is finely cut using highly specialised techniques so that the stone retains its strength. It affords Grip a sophisticated character, aligning the lines, textures and colours of the watch in perfect harmony. Every model is fitted with an alligator strap in a shade that corresponds to the colour of its hardstone dial.

Gucci Announced A New Design Language In The History Of High Watchmaking With Grip Sapphire And Gold

The fourth design in the Grip Gold series is crafted entirely in 18kt yellow gold, sporting a brushed 18kt gold dial with baguette-cut diamonds set around the bezel and lugs. The ‘Gucci’ logo is subtly engraved on the brushed gold face. The straight watch links of the 18kt gold bracelet mirror the skateboarder ‘grip’ tape that inspired the original Grip. Each Grip Gold design is fitted with a Jump Hour module.

The case of every new Grip Gold design is set with a continuous row of 44 baguettecut diamonds (VVS1 clarity and weighing approximately 3.09 carats), giving the watch dial’s 1970s-TV silhouette a playful touch. The 18kt gold lugs attaching the case to the strap are also diamond-set.

Gucci Announced A New Design Language In The History Of High Watchmaking With Grip Sapphire And Gold

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Founded in Florence in 1921, Gucci is one of the world’s leading luxury fashion brands. As the House marks its 100th Anniversary under the Creative Direction of Alessandro Michele, with Marco Bizzarri as President and Chief Executive, Gucci moves forward into the coming decades with an ongoing commitment in redefining luxury, while celebrating the creativity, innovation and Italian craftsmanship at the core of its values.

Gucci is part of the global luxury group Kering, which manages the development of a series of renowned Maisons in fashion, leather goods, jewelry and watches.
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