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Gucci Presents Its Highly Anticipated Venture Into High Watchmaking With G-Timeless Watch Designs

Luxferity, 11.05.2021

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In 2021, the centenary of the House, Gucci’s classic G-Timeless design makes a daring move into high watchmaking. A dazzling suite of premier timepieces, the new G-Timeless collection marks the proud coming together of the luxury House’s famed Florentine style and the unparalleled savoir-faire of Swiss fine watchmaking.

Inspiration from the serene nature of Gucci motifs and the Interlocking G logo are combined with the very best in the specialist engineering and rare decorative arts that elevate watch design to the rarefied sphere of high watchmaking. The G-Time-less high watchmaking series is an innovative step forward in the evolution of the classic G-Timeless automatic.

Gucci Presents Its Highly Anticipated Venture Into High Watchmaking With G-Timeless Watch Designs

Evoking the singular artistry and free spirit at the heart of Gucci’s creative tradition, the G-Timeless high-watchmaking creations comprise five exceptional design strands; the G-Timeless Dancing Bees Automatic with 18 moving bees, a mesmeric new timepiece with a high jewelry touch; the G-Timeless Automatic with bees deco-rating hardstone dials, and with precious skin straps; the G-Timeless with moon phases; the G-Timeless Pavé, a white diamond-encrusted automatic watch with jewel-tone alligator strap; and the G-Timeless Dancing Bees Tourbillon, a remarka-ble technical creation with an unmistakably stylish Gucci flourish.

  • The G-Timeless Dancing Bees Automatic

Presented in 18kt white gold and diamonds with a Swiss-made SW200 movement, the G-Timeless Dancing Bees Automatic series is altogether dazzling. Each aventurine dial presents a delightful surprise – a motif in the form of 18 delicate insects expertly articulated to shimmer and move on the wrist. The G-Timeless Dancing Bees Auto-matic is offered in two sizes – a large 40mm dial and a 36mm dial suited to smaller wrists. The case and crown of the 40mm design is set with round-brilliant white dia-monds, while the link bracelet is elegantly highlighted with 651 brilliant-set stones. The case of the 36mm iteration of the G-Timeless Dancing Bees Automatic is set with 64 brilliant-cut stones, while 533 diamonds gleam around the gold bracelet.

Gucci Presents Its Highly Anticipated Venture Into High Watchmaking With G-Timeless Watch Designs

  • The G-Timeless Dancing Bees Tourbillon

Offered in five compelling iterations, each G-Timeless Dancing Bees Tourbillon dial glistens with 12 bees in 18kt gold that shimmer and move. Variations include a rare platinum version with dramatic bull’s eye dial and tourbillon set with a Gucci bee mo-tif. Two 18kt yellow gold designs are defined by a falcon’s eye stone dial, also with a Gucci bee-set tourbillon, and tiger’s-eye stone dial, the case, dial, lugs and buckle of the latter are further highlighted with 218 diamonds and tourbillon cage set with a Gucci star. The 18kt white gold G-Timeless Tourbillon is crafted with a dial of blue aventurine and 843 white diamonds, set across both bracelets, case and dial, with a Gucci star set on the tourbillon. The 18kt yellow gold iteration is offset by the sunset tones of its tiger’s-eye dial and decorated throughout with a total of 843 diamonds. Engineering a tourbillon is a highly difficult technical feat that only a master watch-maker can achieve. It is a distinct emblem of high watchmaking. The sheer technical achievement and visual enchantment of the moving tourbillon cage has led to it be-ing displayed as an exquisite decoration, too. Following that proud tradition, the G-Timeless Dancing Bees Tourbillon complication is set at the 12 o’clock position, all the better to see its technical craftmanship.

Gucci Presents Its Highly Anticipated Venture Into High Watchmaking With G-Timeless Watch Designs

  • The G-Timeless Pavé

Marking an entirely new chapter in the history of jeweled Gucci timepieces, the 18kt white gold G-Timeless Pavé is the culmination of a long-held ambition to produce a truly special high jewelry edition of Gucci’s classic G-Timeless timepiece. Entirely set with 428 diamonds, the dial is a particularly impressive example of Gucci’s dedica-tion to rare craftsmanship. Hand-set, the applied diamond indices are alternately marked by a jeweled Gucci symbol: in a grand display of the master jeweler’s tradi-tions, at a glance we spot a bee, a star or the Interlocking G logo at 12 o’clock. The sparkling crown is set with 13 diamonds, while the contemporary elegance of the G-Timeless Pavé is further heightened by a crystal caseback displaying the handsome Swiss 2824 automatic movement. The G-Timeless Pavé is presented with an elegant choice of interchangeable leather alligator strap in an array of gemstone tones, from soft amethyst purple to emerald green.

Gucci Presents Its Highly Anticipated Venture Into High Watchmaking With G-Timeless Watch Designs

  • The G-Timeless with moon phases

The magical G-Timeless with moon phases charts the waxing and waning of the moon, a potent symbol of the natural world, which has inspired Gucci creations through time. Three models are presented, each dial crafted from sheeny slivers of mother-of-pearl, and with a choice of black, grey or pearlescent-green alligator strap. A circular aperture allows the watch wearer to follow the lunar path, as the moon completes its monthly journey, over 29.5 days. Reflecting its inner appeal, the bezel, lugs and clasp of the G-Timeless with moon phases gleam and glint with hun-dreds of diamonds, while the diamond-tipped hands and full pavé crown add star-like bursts of light.

Gucci Presents Its Highly Anticipated Venture Into High Watchmaking With G-Timeless Watch Designs

  • The G-Timeless Automatic with bee motif

In a selection of three compelling hardstone dials, each applied with a flight of tiny, gold bees, the G-Timeless Automatic with bee motif evokes a magnetic allure. The jewel-like presence and rich colours of the hardstones are dramatically heightened by an 18kt yellow gold case and the 15 precious insects that flutter to life when the wrist moves. The bee is an enduring Gucci motif. When intricately set on glossy black onyx, striped tiger’s-eye and mossy green malachite, the fabled insect’s noble char-acter is fully realised. Gucci’s cultural tradition is further represented by the Inter-locking G 18kt yellow gold clasp. The G-Timeless Automatic with bee motif has been designed with a transparent caseback, offering a view of the Swiss SW200-2 auto-matic movement that forms the beating heart of the watch. Straps are presented in a series of skins, including alligator, tejus and lizard.

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