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AMBUSH® “SILVER FCTRY,” A Spaceship Metaverse That Explores New Artistic Galaxies

Luxferity, 14.03.2022

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AMBUSH® “SILVER FCTRY,” A Spaceship Metaverse That Explores New Artistic Galaxies

Today, AMBUSH® released the 'POW!® Reboot' NFT, selling out in minutes. AMBUSH® is entering the next stage through the metaverse.

Inspired by Andy Warhol’s forward-thinking Silver Factory, a creative studio that birthed the 1960s pop-art movement, the AMBUSH® SILVER FCTRY represents the future of creativity and AMBUSH ’s official entrance into web3. The SILVER FCTRY offers a virtual space where people can interact with each other and enjoy the brand's digital universe through music, events, and play-to-earn games. It is a spaceship exploring new artistic galaxies through fun activities.

The SILVER FCTRY is a spacecraft with a distinct chain-like exterior, consisting of four rooms offering different experiences and services: a web3 store providing unique merchandise and exclusive NFTs, a library displaying archives of past collections and collaborations, a theater streaming the latest moments from AMBUSH®'s fashion shows and events, and a fantastical park area where visitors can explore a surreal environment filled with giant jewelry pieces and creatures.

AMBUSH® SILVER FCTRY will host events and experiences exclusive to the metaverse, with access to a web3 shop selling NFTs and special merchandise.

Enter AMBUSH®'s Metaverse, the SILVER FCTRY

The AMBUSH® SILVER FCTRY will introduce four rooms: ODEUM, a theatre with a large screen displaying videos from the latest runway shows and events; LIBRARY, with various floating monitors displaying archive visuals; WORKSHOP, a virtual web3 store designed with inspirations from the newest AMBUSH® WORKSHOP in Shanghai; and the PARK, a place where customers can interact and explore, featuring larger-than-life sculptures of AMBUSH® jewellery motifs. The metaverse allows users to discover new layers to the brand as they move freely between the four spaces, enhancing the brand experience.


Launch: March 14, 2022, JST to March 22, 2022

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Inspired by the actual interiors of the brand’s latest physical store, AMBUSH® WORKSHOP in Shanghai, the SILVER FCTRY features a digital mirror of the LED sphere screen displayed at the shop. This room acts as a web3 store introducing exclusive physical merchandise and NFTs in the future. Holders of POW!® NFT will be able to unlock additional exclusive items for purchase.

AMBUSH® “SILVER FCTRY,” A Spaceship Metaverse That Explores New Artistic Galaxies


A theatre featuring a large screen showcasing footage from the Autumn-Winter 2022 collection show, which took place on February 26 at the Milan Fashion Week. The runway show featured a giant solar sphere at the center of the runway, reminiscent of the outer space theme portrayed in SILVER FCTRY.

AMBUSH® “SILVER FCTRY,” A Spaceship Metaverse That Explores New Artistic Galaxies


A fluid architectural space with floating screens displaying video and photo archives of past collections and collaborations, the Library will function as a museum for the brand, allowing visitors to go back in time through the history of AMBUSH®.

AMBUSH® “SILVER FCTRY,” A Spaceship Metaverse That Explores New Artistic Galaxies


A whimsical outdoor concept featuring a mix of playful characters and classic design motifs from the brand. AMBUSH® jewellery has been reinterpreted into giant sculptures scattered throughout the PARK, allowing visitors to interact and explore the open space. This room will act as the venue for various virtual events organized by the brand. Information concerning events and updates of the PARK will be shared on the brand’s official Discord server.

AMBUSH® “SILVER FCTRY,” A Spaceship Metaverse That Explores New Artistic Galaxies


AMBUSH® “SILVER FCTRY,” A Spaceship Metaverse That Explores New Artistic Galaxies

The Exclusive POW!® “GLOW IN THE DARK” NFT

A collection of 99 NFTs POW!® “GLOW IN THE DARK” NFTs available exclusively inside the PARK area within SILVER FCTRY. Holders of the NFT will be gifted a limited edition physical GLOW IN THE DARK POW!® Chain, and an exclusive NFT airdrop.

A competition will be held inside SILVER FCTRY where POW!® “Reboot” NFT holders will be able to compete to win a spot to purchase the NFT. Details about the competition, and how to receive gifts and NFT airdrops will be revealed inside the AMBUSH® official Discord.

The Story Behind POW!® “GLOW IN THE DARK”

Emanating from the SILVER FCTRY is the newest POW!® NFT, “GLOW IN THE DARK” (GITD). The POW!® GITD emerges from the lineage of POW!® “Reboot” and POW!® “Energon”. The POW!® GITD represents the central power source for SILVER FCTRY; a currency and a fuel of life, the POW!® GITD symbolizes technology and commerce in the AMBUSH® Universe and beyond.

AMBUSH® “SILVER FCTRY,” A Spaceship Metaverse That Explores New Artistic Galaxies


AMBUSH® began as an experimental line of jewellery – innovative pop-art-inspired designs capturing a distinct Tokyo aesthetic. The iconic trademarked POW!® motif in particular received media coverage around the world. With apparel created as a canvas to complete the story, AMBUSH® evolved into designing unisex collections.

The brand made its Paris debut in 2015 with VERBAL & YOON being listed as two of Business of Fashion’s Top 500 people influencing the global fashion industry for 5 consecutive years from 2015, and HYPEBEAST 100 list for 8 consecutive years. In 2017 AMBUSH® was selected as one of the top 8 finalists for the LVMH PRIZE. AMBUSH®’s uniquely crafted parts form an idiosyncratic style that led to commissions and collaborations with an illustrious list that includes Louis Vuitton (Kim Jones), sacai, Off-White, Moet, Bvlgari, Nike, CONVERSE, Rimowa, and GENTLE MONSTER.

In 2018 AMBUSH® presented the brand's first runway presentation as part of Amazon Fashion Week Tokyo. Kim Jones named YOON as jewelry designer for Dior Men, and the first creations for the house debuted with the SS 2019 collection in Paris. AMBUSH® opened its first flagship store on September 2nd 2016 in Tokyo, a space which encapsulates the brand’s ethos in a creative environment under one roof with the design studio.

About Active Theory

AMBUSH® SILVER FCTRY is built by Active Theory. Active Theory is a Los-Angeles based creative studio that creates AR and VR experiences. Past projects include film and music festivals such as Sundance, and Secret Sky as well as other events such as Cardano Summit.