Alpiner Comtesse Sport Quartz Rainbow: The New Strikingly Colourful Feminine Watch By Alpina

Luxferity, 30.06.2022

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In 2022, Alpina is offering its feminine sports watch dedicated to the Alpine world a new dress code, with the Alpiner Comtesse Sport Quartz Rainbow. Radiant, sassy full of life and heralding the start of the eagerly-awaited summer season, only 288 pieces of this limited edition were produced. The 36.5 mm steel case features a midnight blue sunray dial, with indexes in twelve different colours. Fun, vibrant, reliable and strong, this rainbow-coloured creation will be the perfect sporting friend for the summer of 2022, ready to climb all the peaks!

She is pretty, sporty, and always ready for adventure, who is she? She, the Comtesse, is the feminine version of Alpina sports watches. A young woman of her time, lively and modern, in the vanguard of her era and its trends.

Alpiner Comtesse Sport Quartz Rainbow: The New Strikingly Colourful Feminine Watch By Alpina

This year, Alpina is widening its Alpiner Comtesse line, dedicated to conquering the Alpine peaks, and has come up with a colourful nickname which expresses its mischievous and playful side: Alpiner Comtesse Sport Quartz Rainbow. A fun, sexy and summer version produced in 288 pieces only, for women seeking an original, vibrant and colourful look, while keeping the quality and accuracy of their watch for everyday use.

Alpiner Comtesse Sport Quartz Rainbow: The New Strikingly Colourful Feminine Watch By Alpina

Codename: Rainbow

“Rainbow” is the adjective used to describe a dial whose indexes reproduce the hues of a rainbow. Known for bringing good luck, its particular light and its luminous bands brighten people’s faces and bring happiness and vivacity to everyone who sees them.

To begin the summer season and the challenges that go with its energy and optimism, the new Alpiner Comtesse Sport Quartz Rainbow features these colours in twelve different shades; gradually passing through the variations of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet and pink with all the intermediate hues. To obtain this effect, each index benefited from a colour treatment.

This rainbow is deployed on a sunray blue dial which perfectly diffuses the light, over which two wide hands impressed with a luminous material – like the indexes – guarantee perfect legibility.

The layout of the colours has been designed with care: the "12", coloured in a very feminine pink shade is followed at 1 o'clock by a red index, which recalls the fact that it is Alpina’s main colour, the starting point of the "rainbow" from which all the other colours originate. It is discreetly featured on the counterweight of the seconds hand, with the red triangle symbolising an Alpine peak, Alpina’s iconic emblem since 1883.

Alpiner Comtesse Sport Quartz Rainbow: The New Strikingly Colourful Feminine Watch By Alpina

Sporty, reliable and ready for any adventure

Completed with a blue bezel punctuated by white markers and waterproof to a depth of 60 metres, its 36.5 mm steel case echoes the strap made of the same material, with three links, an alternation of polished and satin-finish surfaces. Known for withstanding the most extreme conditions, the steel not only guarantees the solidity of this timepiece, but also gives its sporting design the perfect aesthetic harmony.

Alpina chose to include the AL-235 calibre quartz in its new Comtesse Sport Quartz Rainbow,guaranteeing 45 months of autonomy. Ideal for outdoor sporting activities, quartz technology has two major benefits. Firstly, its longevity in a class of its own, with autonomy of more than three years, depending on use. Always perfectly operational, it will allow Alpine routes to be explored for many hours. Secondly, its nearly total shock resistance and its guarantee of chronometric accuracy, far greater than that of a mechanical movement, for a fraction of its price.

With this new version, Alpina remains faithful to its affordable and all-terrain Swiss Made spirit, offering watches designed to be true “tool watches”, able to adapt to all environments to define their own path – as do climbers who open up their "path" on the mountain.

Technical Specifications - Alpiner Comtesse Sport Quartz Rainbow

Alpiner Comtesse Sport Quartz Rainbow: The New Strikingly Colourful Feminine Watch By Alpina

RRP CHF 850.-


- AL-235NRB3C6B


- Hours, minutes, seconds


- AL-235 caliber, quartz
- 45 months battery life, 1 jewel


- Brushed and polished stainless steel 2-part case
- Navy blue bezel with white markers
- Diameter of 36,5 mm
- Height of 9,89 mm
- Scratch-resistant convex sapphire crystal
- Engraved case-back
- Water-resistant up to 6 ATM/60m/190ft

Alpiner Comtesse Sport Quartz Rainbow: The New Strikingly Colourful Feminine Watch By Alpina


- Navy blue dial with sunray finishing
- Applied silver indexes filled with rainbow colors luminous treatment
- Hand-polished silver color hour and minute hands filled with white luminous treatment
- Polished silver color second hand with red triangle


- 3-link brushed and polished stainless steel bracelet

Limited edition:

- Limited to 288 pieces


Founded in 1883 and famous for its iconic red triangle, Alpina is a Swiss watch manufacturer based in Geneva. The brand set out to design luxury sports watches offering exceptional accuracy and reliability in the most challenging sporting environments, like the Alps.

A true pioneer of the watchmaking industry, Alpina has been the source of numerous patents and innovative calibres over the past 138 years. At the beginning of the 20th century, Alpina became the official supplier of watches to military pilots, before revolutionising the concept of sports watches in 1938 with the legendary Alpina 4.

True to its long tradition of innovation, Alpina launched the first Swiss made Horological Smartwatch in 2015, creating a new segment in the luxury Swiss sports watch market. In 2020, the brand introduced the AlpinerX Alive, a new generation of connected watches equipped with a heart rate monitor and GPS, among other things. Also committed to protecting the planet, Alpina created the Seastrong Diver Gyre Automatic range using recycled plastic from the oceans. In 2021, the brand is doubling down on its promise to get involved with organisations fighting to protect the environment. Joined together by the unifying principle We Shape the Change – the environmental equivalent of Reach Your Summit – Alpina will undertake a variety of measures aimed at drawing public attention to current environmental issues.

Inspired by the Alps from the very beginning, Alpina has always been heavily involved in outdoor activities and mountain sports. The brand has established strong partnerships demonstrating its commitment to this world, as well as a team of 'Alpinists', including athletes and friends of the brand working in the most challenging environments.