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Zegna X Real Madrid C.F.

Luxferity, 25.08.2022

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Zegna X Real Madrid C.F.

Tailoring men since 1910 and championing football since 1902, Zegna and Real Madrid are building a unique partnership: the leading italian luxury menswear house dresses the biggest football club in the world because every king needs a tailor.

Zegna and Real Madrid announced a unique partnership in which Zegna will become Real Madrid’s Official Luxury Travelwear Partner. The partnership is set to launch during the 2022/2023 season. The football and basketball first squads, whenever the occasion calls for it, will wear the exclusive Zegna outfits.

Through this partnership, the world’s most successful football club will team up with an icon of Italian luxury menswear with a heritage of sartorial know-how. Shared values and a strong will to surpass limits in order to have a positive impact on society link these two storied organizations. Excellence with an ethical stance naturally attracted Zegna and Real Madrid to one another, bonding their intentions together into a unique whole. What will be created through this partnership is not a service, but rather a dialogue aiming to champion style as it changes the formal attire towards one centered on luxury leisurewear designed for the modern man that will be unveiled during the first away Champions League game of the 2022/2023 season.

With histories that began in the early years of the twentieth century, Zegna and Real Madrid are set apart and above. Real Madrid was founded in 1902, with Zegna beginning its operations in 1910. Over time, both Zegna and Real Madrid achieved their own form of championships: for Zegna it has come in the textile and luxury menswear industries, and for Real Madrid, it has come on the pitch. But it is the values at the core of both enterprises that truly mirror one another: the idea that excellence stems from hard work; the conviction that giving back to society is mandatory; and the will to turn histories into a form of fuel to keep conquering new grounds.

Zegna recently unveiled its new and dynamic signifier and logo that will be further amplified via the partnership with Real Madrid. The signifier is based on a double-stripe graphic that pays tribute to a road known as 232 that originates in the mountains and crosses through Oasi Zegna – the free-access natural territory extending 100-square kilometers in Northern Italy that was created as a result of the founder’s early commitments to sustainability. This road is an inspiration to everyone at Zegna and is woven into everything the Company has done for 112 years. It echoes the founder’s essential truths that we must weave the fabric of a tomorrow. The road has now become a part of the Zegna identity, stitched into the very fabric that bears the name. As a representation of all Zegna has done and sets out to do, the vicuna-coloured signifier now weaves through every collection of the brand.  

Awarded the title of Best Club of the twentieth century by FIFA, and with one of the largest followings across the world, Real Madrid is not only a leader on the sports field, but also an example of leadership in social and financial arenas, always guided by a pursuit for excellence in every aspect of its operations. Real Madrid fosters a winning spirit through determination, effort, sacrifice, commitment, perseverance and self-improvement, and follows a team-based philosophy with regards to both employees and fans. It has a universal spirit that extends beyond borders that is timeless and accessible to everyone, ultimately creating a global, multicultural team, which is what makes the club multigenerational and eternal. Solidarity is a key value: being there for those who need it most, particularly children at risk from social exclusion. Real Madrid plays a useful role within society as a way of thanking society for everything given to the Club throughout its history.

When you know where you are going, you can follow your own path. This is a mantra shared by both Zegna and Real Madrid – one that will also guide both organisations as they enter an exciting new chapter in their respective histories. Together, these roads will lead us to new frontiers and will allow us to serve as catalysts for change while championing a brighter future together.

The partnership will be officially celebrated in Madrid on September 30th with an exclusive event where the Zegna luxury wardrobe will be unveiled. Inspired by the partnership, specific made to measure collection items that blend the two brands’ heritages as well as Zegna’s contemporaneity aesthetic and its focus on luxury craftmanship, will be available in selected Zegna boutiques globally.


Inspired by our visionary founder, Zegna follows its own path down the road that Ermenegildo built over 110 years ago in the mountains in Piedmont, Northern Italy. His 232 road, crossing through the 100 km2 Oasi Zegna natural territory that surrounds the original Zegna wool mill, has been turned into a graphic abstraction and signifier of the Zegna brand identity – where history is expressed in the family name of the founder. Established as a fabric maker, Zegna is internationally recognized as a leading global luxury menswear brand and part of the Ermenegildo Zegna Group. Managed by Gildo Zegna as Chairman and CEO, Zegna Group designs, creates and distributes luxury menswear and accessories under the Zegna brand and womenswear, menswear and accessories under the Thom Browne brand to over 500 stores, of which, as of March 31, 2022, 295 are directly operated by the Group (244 Zegna and 51 Thom Browne), in 80 countries around the world, remaining committed to leveraging its rich heritage to build a better present and future.


Real Madrid C.F. is a sport entity with 119 years of history. It is the club with the most European Cups of both football (14) and basketball (10) and was awarded by FIFA as the Best Club of the twentieth century. Real Madrid has millions of fans in all corners of the world, with 410 million followers on social networks, and is for the third year in a row the most valuable football club in Europe according to The European Elite 2022 report, prepared by consultancy KPMG. Real Madrid is the most valuable football brand in the world for Brand Finance for the fourth year in a row and achieved the highest record in the Transparency Index of football clubs last season. More information about Real Madrid C.F. is available at www.realmadrid.com, the most visited soccer club website for the fifth consecutive year.