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Redesigned Kiton Boutique In London

Luxferity, 08.12.2022

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Studio B+Architects signs the renovation of the Kiton boutique in London. The store, which is spread over 220 square meters, on two levels, is located in a historic building in London's luxury shopping street, a shop window on Clifford Street 14, adjacent to New Bond St in front of Louis Vuitton. 

In line with the distinctive elements of the concept designed by B+Architects, the project involved the complete remodeling of the spaces to give greater lightness and relaxation to the atmosphere of London elegance.

Redesigned Kiton Boutique In London

The shop window and the entrance are deliberately minimal to create an immediate connection between the interior and the city, the transition is smooth and inviting.

Crossing the threshold, the visitor will be welcomed by a vast space dedicated to the enhancement of womenswear, increasingly appreciated and booming, not forgetting, however, that the furnishings can be used indifferently for men's and women's collections.

Redesigned Kiton Boutique In London

The connecting staircase between the two floors is personalized by artistic installations, created specifically for this boutique. They represent the pattern that makes the Kiton brand unmistakable, a distinctive element of the concept designed by B+Architects, made with a mix of precious metals and blue fabrics among the most precious of the brand.

The floor below, expanded and completely redistributed, houses the men's lines with the latest collections and iconic models. A VIP area dedicated to tailor-made services with a special fitting room, makes the experience special.

On both floors there are lounge areas furnished with customized seats and made exclusively for Kiton. The K of the Kiton logo on the cushions highlights the maximum attention to detail that B+Architects architects have always dedicated to design.

Redesigned Kiton Boutique In London

To capture the essence of Kiton, B+Architects mainly uses natural materials declined in multiple finishes. The architectural identity that defines the interiors is linear and combines neutral colors with soft finishes, customized upholstery and reflective surfaces that amplify the perception of space.

The rooms are marked with rigorous geometries, enhanced by combinations of fabrics with different textures, small touches of Canaletto walnut wood with a special matt finish, metals with particular nickel tones. Carpets with personalized texture made by Tai Ping warm the environment giving it extremely sober and refined comfort.

Redesigned Kiton Boutique In London

Many of the fabrics used in the concept are those that the brand usually inserts inside jackets, too precious not to be enhanced in a customized piece of furniture.

The furnishings have been entirely designed by B+Architects which, as always, also follows the engineering in close collaboration with expert craftsmen; the result is extreme quality and the possibility of offering an exclusive experience.

The strong attention of the brand and designers towards the theme of sustainability and environmental awareness also shines through the choice of the floor formed by a compound of recycled inert materials. The alternation with wooden inserts creates a pleasant contrast and highlights the product on display.

Redesigned Kiton Boutique In London

Lighting, which has always been a key aspect in retail design, has been designed to ensure maximum visual comfort and the lighting fixtures with high color rendering LEDs allow a perfect visualization of the product.

The high-resolution monitors, deliberately of discreet size, are harmoniously inserted, blending with the atmosphere of the store, showing dynamic images of the Kiton lifestyle.

Redesigned Kiton Boutique In London

B+ Architects is continuing to develop numerous other projects of the brand. After New York and London will follow Zurich, Seoul, Dallas, Miami Bal Harbour, Doha and other important locations.

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Ben Broomfield