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Hermès Continues Its Journey On Paradeplatz In Zurich Unveiling A Metamorphosed Store

Luxferity, 27.05.2021

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Hermès Continues Its Journey On Paradeplatz In Zurich Unveiling A Metamorphosed Store

On 10 May 2021 Hermès reopened the doors of its Zurich store, located in the city’s prime financial and cultural centre, Paradeplatz.

Reaffirming the connection between the house and Zurich, which first saw Hermès’ presence in 1965, the reopening marks the latest chapter in an enduring history of Hermès in Switzerland. The newly renovated and expanded flagship store is a bright and welcoming space for clients to discover all sixteen Hermès métiers across a total floor space of now over 500m2.

Behind the attentively restored traditional façade, the interior is an expression of craftsmanship and innovation. Upon crossing the Hermès ex-libris at the airy entrance, generously welcoming clients to an open space, eyes are drawn to the store’s most commanding feature, the custom-built terrazzo staircase made of Giallo Sienne marble that invites visitors to explore the upper floors. A bespoke, curved wall follows its ascent; its multidimensional lacquer paint in gradient blue-green and amber hinting at the colour palette explored upstairs reflects the hues of Lake Zurich and the natural landscape that surrounds the city.

Hermès Continues Its Journey On Paradeplatz In Zurich Unveiling A Metamorphosed Store

On the expansive, light-filled ground floor, a vibrant display of the house’s printed silk collections celebrates this colourful Hermès expression, while a counter dedicated to Hermès’ newest metier, Hermès Beauty, also allures customers. Echoing the windows’ shape are three soaring wooden arches, standing tall beneath almost five-metre high ceilings. Each arch contains bespoke coloured glass, allowing the city’s sunlight to diffuse through their panes – as a reference to the coloured windows of Zurich’s Fraumünster Church designed by Marc Chagall. The mosaic stone floor pattern, the Motif Faubourg, provides a recognisable connection to Hermès stores across the world.

Upstairs, beneath a lower ceiling, the first floor entices customers immediately with natural light emanating from the windows, softly dimmed by bespoke blinds. Curved lines and 1970s motifs, like the patterned circles which adorn the custom-made carpets, create an atmosphere of elegant comfort. After undergoing extensive remodelling, the entire floor has been opened up, allowing each universe to feel connected yet distinct. Hermès signature metier, leather, welcomes visitors most prominently in the centre, whilst the women’s and men’s universes take generous spaces on each side of the floor, presenting ready-to-wear, shoes and fashion accessories.

Hermès Continues Its Journey On Paradeplatz In Zurich Unveiling A Metamorphosed Store

A few steps lead up further into the collections for the home, where a new, generous space has been dedicated to the art de vivre, as well as to jewellery and watches. Original architectural features – such as a historic and listed bank counter and wooden cupboards – have been left intact in tribute to the building’s former lives and the city’s vivid history. On this floor, a golden-hued VIP suite has been designed to provide an intimate space for clients to be immersed in Hermès’ collections.

Throughout the store, colours and spaces blend with one another, creating a harmonious journey through the different Hermès universes. Contemporary design meets the refined expertise of traditional craftsmanship, as new decorative elements are complemented by house staples. Conceived by the Parisian architecture agency RDAI, the flagship’s overall impression is one of warmth, brightness, and ease.

Celebrating this year’s theme “An Odyssey”, Hermès is pleased to invite its faithful clients and new visitors to continue the journey of Hermès in Zurich with this transformed store, connecting tradition and contemporaneity – a spirit shared with the city of Zurich itself.