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Hermès Opened Its New Leather Workshop In Montereau

Luxferity, 17.06.2021

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A regionally integrated artisanal model

Since the house was established in 1837, Hermès has always sought to preserve the artisanal dimension of its manufacture, which is a source of durability, creativity, precision and innovation. Perpetuating the ethos of transmitting Hermès’ exceptional know-how, the Montereau leather workshop draws on the expertise and proximity of the group’s artisan hub in Paris region, which employs 670 craftsmen and women.

Neighbouring the Tannerie de Montereau, Hermès’ first site in Seine-et-Marne acquired in 1996, this new leather workshop fosters a strong artisan and human culture, thereby reasserting Hermès’ commitment to making a lasting contribution to regional development.

Hermès Opened Its New Leather Workshop In Montereau

Training for an expert profession

Deeply attached to building long-term relations with all of its local partners, Hermès implements a recruitment and training strategy in close collaboration with the Pôle emploi employment center, the Greta adult education service and the Flora Tristan high school in Montereau. Learning a craft, training sanctioned by a state qualification, combined with versatility and employability, all ensure the creation of permanent quality jobs.

At the workshop, the cutting and table work métiers are developed with the aim of fostering multiple skills in these two areas of know-how. Sharing expertise with the tanners also greatly contributes to the unique nature of the site by creating an innovative synergy around the house’s exceptional leathers.

Social and environmental commitments

The Montereau project is consistent with the house’s ambitions for sustainable development. By rehabilitating a 7.2-hectare brownfield site, Hermès is positively impacting to the region’s growth
without recourse to undeveloped land, while at the same time protecting the biodiversity of the green areas of the site located on an arm of the river Seine. More than 200 trees and thousands of shrubs have been planted, contributing to a complete re-greening of the site to create an inviting garden for employees to enjoy. To manage energy consumption, the site is equipped with 250 m² of hybrid solar panels and is entirely lit by LED lighting. A canteen, shared with the tannery, and a partnership with a sheltered employment facility for garden maintenance are examples of the responsible approach adopted in developing the workshop.

Since 2010, Hermès has opened nine leather goods workshops, bringing the number of saddler-leatherworkers employed by the group to more than 4,000.

In September 2021, Hermès will open a further leather workshop in Guyenne (Gironde). There are three more new workshops in the pipeline, in Louviers (Eure), Tournes (Ardennes) and Riom (Puy-de Dôme).