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Bulgari Innovates The Future Of Luxury At Vivatech 2022

Luxferity, 15.06.2022

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The Roman Jeweller presents a patented NFT watch ecosystemt its first NFT High Jewellery creations and the absolute preview of the Bulgari metaverse concept at the global tech event in Paris.

Obsessed with innovation to craft a better future and offer a pioneering luxury experience, Bulgari attends the sixth edition of VivaTech, Europe's biggest start up and tech event taking place from June 15 to 18 in Paris, with a dedicated booth inside the LVMH Pavilion. As every year, VivaTech acts as a powerful global catalyst for digital transformation and growth, bringing together business leaders, start-ups, investors, researchers  and innovators to ignite positive change in business and for society.

The LVMH Pavilion serves as the stage to showcase the innovative solutions of the Group's Maisons together with a selection of start-ups, who are competing for the LVMH Innovation Award.

The journey across Bulgari's game-changing and visionary solutions to transform the universe of luxury consists of three stages, corresponding to three different projects that embrace the main themes designated by VivaTech for the 2022 edition, namely the web 3.0 and the metaverse.

Three exciting projects connected by the same vision: complex and innovative technologies at the service of easy, accessible and rich experiences in tune with the sense of beauty and the always audacious approach of the Roman Jeweller.


Unveiled as an absolute world premiere and accessible exclusively from the LVMH Pavilion at VivaTech, the Bulgari metaverse is the most awaited revelation of the Roman jeweller at the event.
An immersive and entirely new experience of the Bulgari world of the future, realized with stunning technology which offers a glimpse of the evolution of the brand's creative vision. Developed consistently with the Roman Jeweller's core values of excellence, boldness and originality, this new concept was created to once more renew and reinvent the idea of luxury, offering unprecedented experiences to its audience.

The avatar of the Bulgari Group CEO Jean-Christophe Babin will welcome visitors on a journey through a metaphysical Rome, whose emblematic landmarks and symbols are interpreted as expressions of the brand's identity. A world flooded with light - one of the Eternal City's distinctive features - where to immerse oneself into Bulgari's rich heritage, idea of hospitality, brand campaigns and breath-taking stores of the future.

Visitors can explore the roof top of the Bulgari boutique, where they will enjoy an entirely new shopping experience, with the opportunity to interact with the reproductions of jewels realized with masterful digital craftsmanship techniques, suspended and enveloped in the magical atmosphere of the sunset.

"As a luxury house that has made crossing boundaries a part of its DNA, it is intrinsic to our mentality to constantly expand the vision of our creative universe. This is the start of a new journey, one that invites our customers to enjoy through the metaverse an entirely new luxury experience, of course inspired by our deeply-rooted values of Italian excellence." commented Jean-Christophe Babin.
A stunning teaser of all that the Roman brand still has in store for its worldwide audience and a taste of what will come in the near future, the unveiling of the Bulgari metaverse concept is only the first step of a new adventure.


Sealing the connection between the traditional mechanical world and the digital universe, Octo Finissimo Ultra -  the world's  thinnest mechanical  watch at just 1.8 mm thick - opens the door to a new era, not only in the field of watchmaking.

The QR code engraved on the ratchet wheel of the watch, offers an exclusive access to an NFT artwork that guarantees the authenticity and uniqueness of the watch by means of blockchain technology. Through a dedicated digital universe, the artwork conceptualizes the narrative of Bulgari's lasting experience in the field of ultimate thinness and the creative path that led to the birth of Octo Finissimo Ultra. This represents the merging of real and virtual worlds, of past and future. Defying the laws of physics through its mechanics, the watch becomes a global ecosystem that extends into a non-physical world.

For the occasion, the ultra-thin timepiece will be presented in an innovative showcase created by Levita, a start-up part of LVMH's La Maison des Startups business acceleration program, offering the feeling of being suspended in the air.


At the intersection between heritage and innovation, traditional artisanal techniques and innovative digital solutions, the three-piece NFT High Jewellery collection represents a bold testament to the Roman House's trailblazing DNA and relentless quest for innovation.

This exclusive digital jewellery series includes the unprecedented masterpiece Beyond Wonder, the first NFT jewel ever realized by Bulgari: an intangible creation, transcending the boundaries of materiality though a unique dialogue between traditional craftsmanship and the unlimited universe of cutting-edge Italian digital technologies.

Embracing the face and body like an ultra-precious climbing plant, this jewel - impossible to achieve in the real world - finds its splendid existence in the digital dimension.

Conceived by Bulgari's Jewellery Creative Director Lucia Silvestri in cooperation with the team of designers, this extraordinary creation encapsulates Bulgari's deep jewellery savoir­ faire as well as the brand's future-oriented vision.

"With these digital artworks we led watchmaking and High Jewellery into on entirely new era. Octo Finissimo Ultra has bridged the traditional mechanical world to the digital one in on unprecedented and radical way, while our High Jewellery NFT capsule collection offers our clients a true artistic experience, further amplifying the maximum creativity and boundless emotions the universe of High Jewellery stands for." said Jean-Christophe Babin.