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Alexander McQueen: The Tread Slick

Luxferity, 23.07.2020

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The Tread Slick has quickly become a pillar for the home of Alexander McQueen.

Inspired by workwear boots associated with the industrial revolution, the Tread Slick has a canvas body ensuring a lighter and more summery feel.

Low-top or ankle-high, the lace-up shoe is characterized by in a signature oversized rubber “tread” sole and toe cap.

The Tread lick is available in a variety of colors, including magnolia, white, khaki and black.

Alexander McQueen: The Tread Slick

Amanda Shadforth carrying Black Tread Slick and Cut Eyewear

Alexander McQueen: The Tread Slick

Emma Roberts carrying Black Tread Slick