Alexander McQueen Brand

Alexander McQueen: Autumn Winter 2020 Pre-Collection

Luxferity, 25.06.2020

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British art nouveau and arts and crafts, the restrained elegance of modernism: the sinuous iris, the proud thistle and The Glasgow Rose. The windswept earth and Northern landscapes laid bare. The core of the earth and the treasures hidden beneath its surface. Metal ores: rich seams of gold, silver and copper running throughout. Mineralogy: crystal, agate, flint, rock; opaque and sculptural on the outside, jewelled and reflective within. The juxtaposition between sobriety and seduction, the raw and the refined, the textured and the smooth, the light and the dark, all contrasts true to the handwriting of the house of Alexander McQueen. 

Look 01

An asymmetric drape double-breasted coat in coal black and flint grey British Donegal tweed with sharp dart detailing, emphasising the waist and lapel, all speckled with bright silk neps of colour. 

Look 02

An asymmetric drape dress with a lightweight coal black British Donegal tweed skirt and sharp dart detailing and lightweight pale flint Donegal tweed bodice, all speckled with bright silk neps of colour. 

Look 03

A black leather asymmetric drape coat with gold metal staple detailing. 

Look 04

A trompe l’oeil black leather coat with a contrast brown lapel.