Virgilio Villoresi Signs The Video Of The New Home Fragrance Collection Profumi Luchino For Ginori 1735

Luxferity, 10.06.2022

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Virgilio Villoresi Signs The Video Of The New Home Fragrance Collection Profumi Luchino

Director Virgilio Villoresi has signed the video of Ginori 1735, the expression of the Italian excellence in the field of luxury and lifestyle, one of the world's leading brands in pure porcelain and in the design, dedicated to the new home fragrance collection Profumi Luchino, created in collaboration with English artist and designer Luke Edward Hall.

The new video, conveyed on Ginori 1735's social and web pages as of 7 June, is focused on the narrative of the Made in Florence brand's world and the idea of travel, which underpins the story of the new Profumi Luchino collection.

Entirely filmed using stop-motion and animated cartoon techniques, the video bit by bit leads the spectator into the world imagined by Luke Edward Hall for Ginori 1735, defining a specific hand-made material scenario for each of the places loved by the artist, in the vein of the incisive style that characterizes decorations of Hall and of the artistic tradition of the Florentine Manifattura.

The project involved the insertion of drawings printed on rigid cardboard within three-dimensional material scenery. A highly crafted work, handmade through the creation and use of frame-by-frame cartoons in front of the camera. Each creation, each world created by Luke Edward Hall can thus count on its own dedicated setting, accentuating the kaleidoscope of visions that oscillate between the exotic and the dreamlike. Here, then, in the video, is a small silhouette of Luke sitting on the moon to open the journey; here is an ancient abbey nestled in the British countryside; here are the sumptuous oriental palaces of One Thousand and One Nights, with their Maharajahs circling the spires and domes; here is the hut in a larch forest, where two lovers indulge in loving intimacy; here is another classical temple, with impetuous centaurs closing the track.

Everything is lost in a timeless night, in which each world unveils itself, presenting Ginori 1735 products as an integral part of an environment that embodies them as a fundamental synthesis.

Guiding the tale is an antique train, the mysterious and overwhelming protagonist of the entire film, decorated with the fantasies of the different worlds explored and extending the soul of the Profumi Luchino collection beyond the settings. A train that leads, finally, into the Ginori 1735 'home', where expressing oneself is a timeless delight, in an eternal re-discovery and revival of everyday life in its pleasures, its artistic expressions and the affirmation of each person’s individuality.

For its production, the video required approximately one month of cinematographic preparation and eight days of shooting. On each day, a maximum of 7 seconds were shot and for each second of footage, 15 photo shots were used, placed in sequence to give the illusion of fluid movement. The post-production phase took about two weeks.

The video is directed by Virgilio Villoresi, the director of photography is Ideo Nakata, the set design is by Riccardo Carelli and Federica Locatelli, and the production company is Fantasmagoria TV.

The video was devised by Villoresi himself and Fantasmagoria's creative team also worked on the campaign.

About Virgilio Villoresi

Virgilio Villoresi was born November 10, 1980 in Fiesole (Florence,Italy).

He learned alchemical synthesis from Harry Smith, structural ontology from Jonas Mekas, how to make art of garbage from Jack Smith, ritual magic from Kenneth Anger.

His early inspirations include Poland animator [Jan Lenica, Zbigniew Rybczynski, Walerian Borowczyk, Daniel Schezcura, Jerzy Zitzmann] the European experimental cinema [Patrick Bokanowski, Chris Marker, Straub and Huillet], the American underground [Maya Deren, Stan Brakhage, Brothers Kuchar], the European avant-garde [Jean Cocteau, Luis Buñuel, Man Ray, Oskar Fischinger] Italian experimental [Paolo Gioli, Alberto Grifi] as well as avant-garde theatre, art and literature. He lives and works in Milan.

About Ginori 1735

Ginori 1735 has been for almost three centuries one of the main global brands in the field of luxury and lifestyle, the expression of the Italian excellence in pure porcelain and in the design. Part of Kering Group since 2013, Ginori 1735 has always been associated with great figures of fashion, art, design, architecture, film and decor. The Manifattura creations represent a perfect blend between heritage and innovation. They include tableware collections, art and living objects, gifts, flatware, drinkware and textile articles, expression of a passion for Italian culture, colour, art, and gracious hospitality. The iconic crown that marks the back of tableware in some of the finest homes and most exclusive restaurants around the world stands for the most sophisticated merging of craft and art. This brash combination of taste has always been at the heart of the brand. Over centuries, the Manifattura evolved its process and production, bringing together ancient techniques and contemporary world view to produce homewares under the direction of visionaries. The Ginori 1735 mission is to forward a modern Renaissance, a rebirth and rediscovery of the pleasure, personal expression, and art of everyday life. Today, the Ginori 1735 world is shaped by a multiplicity of voices, opinions, and styles. It reinvests its legacy with the vision of the next generation of cutting-edge style masters, that bring art into everyday life and everyday life into art. Ginori 1735 counts on a distribution network which includes: its e-commerce channel that reaches 31 countries globally, its Florence, Sesto Fiorentino and Milan flagship stores, selected dealers in Italy and a presence in high-level Department Stores and multi-brand Specialty Stores all over the world.