Trussardi Parfums Presents: TRUSSARDI - The Fragrance Of New Female Values

Luxferity, 22.06.2021

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Trussardi Parfums Presents: TRUSSARDI - The Fragrance Of New Female Values

TRUSSARDI - The Fragrance Of New Female Values

Today's woman must be “empowered and new”: emancipated, free, strong, independent and always “in the driver’s seat”, in command of her life. Based on these essential values of modern femininity, Trussardi Parfums has created a new classic in the art of perfume and an authentic defining identity for the brand of the greyhound.

Trussardi is the first perfume of the Maison designed for these new women who know how to combine ethics and aesthetic and a love of justice and beauty. They are determined to always be in charge of their destiny and are able to transfer these messages also to future generations.

A fragrance for women by women: Julie Massé and Violaine Collas, the very talented emerging stars of the famous perfume house Mane, worked on this project following the double path of new feminism and a love for style and elegance.

A new fragrance for new women, it elevates the packaging, transforming it into an object of high Italian design characterized by an attention to detail that is in the DNA and tradition of Trussardi.


The completely Italian olfactory composition was formulated by Julie Massé and Violaine Collas using a series of typical ingredients to evoke Italy's vibrancy, elegance, positivity, serenity, joy and excellence. The olfactory score revolves around the cardinal points of an Italian spirit and feminine boldness. Each of these elements corresponds to a focal point of the Trussardi olfactive pyramid.

In the head notes, the freshness of the Italian accord and Italian tangerine blends with the luminous sweetness of neroli. In the heart notes, there is the embrace of straightforward, robust lavender (historically used in men's fragrances) with an exciting duet created with the hypnotic notes of jasmine absolute and white dahlia. Rounding out the score, velvety base notes opening with suede accords (the brand DNA) perfectly enhance violet accords and draw to a close with patchouli essential oil.

    Neroli, Italian Tangerine, Italian Accord
    Lavender, Jasmine Absolute, White Dahlia Accord
    Suede Accord, Violet Accord, Patchouli


Julie Massé and Violaine Collas


It is an authentic piece of contemporary Italian design!

Its perfect cylindrical shape evokes the sophisticated silhouette of column dresses in the seventies, when the women's liberation movement was born. It is also reminiscent of an elegant design object from the magical period of Memphis, the creative workshop of Mendini and Sottsass. This idea is also conveyed through the stripe motif on the upper part of the bottle.

On the base of the bottle, the name of the fragrance – Trussardi — is written in black, while the rest of the bottle reveals the nude pink liquid of the perfume that is a skin tone but also the color of women’s dreams.

A decoration of opaque pink and glossy black and white stripes begins halfway up the bottle and ends at the gold metal band. This is topped by the nude pink cap trimmed with gold metal. The top of the cap is made of bio leather produced from vegetal fibers and hot-stamped with the greyhound logo.

Trussardi Parfums Presents: TRUSSARDI - The Fragrance Of New Female Values


The box is an elegant cylinder made of recycled FSC certified cardboard. It reproduces on a larger scale the sophisticated contemporary elegance of the bottle with a series of colorful stripes in the nuances typical of new feminism that does not reject femininity: white, rose, black and gold. The white base is followed by nude pink and glossy black. The white middle section features the name Trussardi written in black and framed by two gold stripes.

Trussardi Parfums Presents: TRUSSARDI - The Fragrance Of New Female Values


There is a new way to compose the visual of the advertising campaign: like a reportage, with a half-page dedicated to the information and the other half to images. Therefore, on one side of the layout is a blue-gray background with the Trussardi logo and the phrase "The new eau de parfum for iconic women" above an image of the bottle sitting on a reflective smoked glass table with gold edges. On the other side is the portrait in Noel Berry, the supermodel who appeared on the catwalks of top designer labels and has since become a celebrity.

Mariano Vivanco took an intense close-up of Noel with Lake Como in the background. Her face, framed by her long blond hair, reveals a determined yet seductive expression similar to the cheeky confidence of the great supermodels of the eighties like Elle McPherson. Her natural glamor is enhanced by the sensuous leather top that accentuates the toned muscles of her slender arm. The message arrives loud and clear: Trussardi is the new iconic fragrance for feminine feminists.

Trussardi Parfums Presents: TRUSSARDI - The Fragrance Of New Female Values


Mariano Vivanco filmed the video at Villa Erba in Como and on that gorgeous stretch of the lake from Cernobbio to Menaggio. The presence of a deluxe speedboat is a must, and there is no lack of references to stardom because this area has always been a favorite haunt of celebrities and has, in recent years, acquired new luster thanks to the constant presence of George Clooney and his famous friends. The undisputed protagonist of the story is Noel Berry, elegantly dressed in a black nappa leather blazer and a sheer silk skirt: the unmistakable Italian style of Trussardi.


The video starts with an aerial view of the lake, as if approaching the water directly from the highway. The name Trussardi appears for a second against the verdant backdrop of the panorama. Strong, rhythmic music accompanies the boat speeding across the lake and making an impeccable tack maneuver on the water. Helming the boat is a woman whose long blond hair is tucked underneath a white skipper's cap with visor. On board is a handsome, elegant man and a woman with a super-efficient but rather tense-looking expression. The girl at the helm resolutely points the bow of the boat towards the dock of Villa Erba, the prestigious location chosen by a Hollywood production house for the premiere of a new film.

Just a slight hesitation in carrying out the maneuver would be enough to crash the speedboat into the dock. Instead, the woman arrives and docks the boat like a consummate pro. She jumps out of the speedboat, quickly climbs the ladder and gracefully walks away. No one recognizes her, and she smiles, amused. The classic crowd of paparazzi, waiting for celebrities, rushes towards the handsome young man in a blue suit who was sitting behind the skipper and has disembarked with the woman next to him. They both look embarrassed, especially the man when he is dragged by a diligent press officer to the red carpet full of stars, where no one seems to recognize him. An annoyed journalist, expressing everyone's doubt, brusquely asks him: “Excuse me, but who are you?” The young man
apologetically answers, "I'm Marco, the speedboat driver."

At this point a flashback begins, underlined by the phrase "A half hour earlier". Inside a fabulous lakefront villa, a group of women is accompanied by bodyguards heading towards the private dock beyond the pool. It is the entourage of a beautiful, young actress who is the star of a movie about to be premiered at an event on the other side of the lake. She walks with graceful yet determined steps, accentuated by her very high heels. She is also wearing a soft black nappa leather blazer and an embroidered sheer silk skirt. The efficient woman next to her is her manager who hired the handsome skipper Marco to drive the speedboat across the lake. When Marco tries to help her to a seat at the back of the speedboat, the actress approaches him and says with a smile, “Do you mind if I drive?” Ignoring his hesitation and embarrassment, she doesn't give him time to say anything. She removes his skipper's cap, puts it on and says, "Sit back and relax: I'm very good at this."

The sequence of the crossing confirms the fact that she is a strong, emancipated woman confidently at the helm of the speedboat. We return to the present, with the phrase "Back to the present" on a pink background. Our protagonist quickly ascends the staircase to Villa Erba above which is a billboard with her face to promote the film. She is still wearing the skipper's cap pulled over her eyes, and she is amused that no one seems to recognize her. She is about to enter the villa when her eyes meet those of a little girl, a young fan who is the only one that recognizes her at this point. The child lets go of her father's hand, runs under the barriers holding back the crowd, and musters up the courage to ask for the star's autograph. At this point, touched by the child’s gesture, the star kneels, takes the
child's notebook with a glittery pink cover that denotes a glamorous choice at an early age, signs her autograph and says to her: “Let me tell you a little secret: in life, always remember to be in the driver's seat." It is message of women's empowerment from a woman of today to a woman of tomorrow.

The actress removes the cap, places it on the child's head, winks at her and walks away with a proud, regal attitude. Behind her, Marco, smiling and mesmerized by the scene, looks at the triumphant actress and the child running into her dad's arms with her triple prize: an autograph, advice for life, and a souvenir from her favorite star.


The new Trussardi woman, so modern and so profoundly aware of the needs of our contemporary world, had to have a “green” conscience. The creative and productive commitment therefore focused especially on the selection of partners who share the same objective of eco-compatibility. Therefore, the selected glassmaker for the project uses a production technology that reduces water consumption by 55%, nitrogen monoxide and carbon dioxide emissions by 30%, and particulate emissions by 35%.

The bottle and packaging also embrace this philosophy, thanks to the choice of production partners that develop and manufacture green products: part of the cap, for example, is made of partially bio-based polypropylene produced with a good content of renewable resources. The top of the cap is made of sustainable eco-leather produced from fibers deriving from the industrial processing of vegetal products: in this case, the apple.

The elegant cylindrical box is made of FSC-certified cardboard and decorated using water-based paint instead of chemical products.

A Green Attitude is also a fundamental value in the choice of ingredients used in the fragrance. Mane, the perfume-maker and partner of the project, has developed an eco-conscious tool called Green Motion™, which is used to assess the impact of the ingredients on health, safety and the environment. The method rates each ingredient and gives it a Green Score.

This is not the company's first Green approach: in fact, for some time it has developed important partnerships with growers that produce raw materials in a sustainable way such as Vanilla, Geranium and Vetiver in Madagascar, Myrrh in Namibia and Timur Pepper in Nepal, thereby also helping local communities.


Julie Massé was born in Tokyo, where her family, originally from Grasse, moved due to her father's work in the perfume industry. She spent the first five years of her life in Japan, an experience that she fondly remembers. Ever since she was a child, she would find objects at home that were typical of the perfume industry (aromatic sticks, bags of fragrant herbs, small bottles of essences, and strips of paper) and revealed an uncommon talent for making origami and small scented objects. She also spent her summers at her grandmother's home in Grasse where, among other things, she lived for two years at the beginning of her career when, after graduating from ISIPCA, she was hired by Fragrance Resources to inspect raw materials. This experience left its mark, but she was destined to become a perfumier. She had an extraordinary mentor, Pierre Bourdon, who was the only student accepted by the legendary Edmond Roudnitska. In 2010 she was hired by Mane, the oldest perfume house in the world.

Violaine Collas comes from a family that loves good food and wine (her brother is an oenologist), but she decided at age 12 to enter the perfumery world. After studying at ISIPCA, she had a formidable apprenticeship in the field of Fine Fragrances with the master perfumier Dominique Ropion. She lived for two years in Germany and the United States, adding international experiences to her curriculum. As if this were not enough, she also worked for a few years in the Personal Care sector, acquiring a second valuable specialization. Finally, she returned to her first love, Fine Fragrances, and joined the Mane team in 2011.


1. The use of Green Motion™ in the perfume industry is changing your work. How?

Day after day, Green Motion™ helps us understand the impact of the synthetic ingredients we use in perfumes and develop formulas with an eco-friendly approach. This put to the test our approach
to creating fragrances, giving us an additional objective when thinking about the architecture of the formula and allowed us, together with our clients, to preserve the resources present on Earth for future generations, besides setting objectives that stimulate continuous improvement.

2. Perfumes have been made since chemistry was called alchemy and benzene did not exist. Yet today it would be unthinkable to use only natural ingredients: we would cause the extinction of too many species of plants and flowers. How do you manage to solve these problems?

Modern perfumery owes everything to chemistry (synthetic molecules), expanding the range of nuances of available ingredients. As a result, synthetic and natural molecules became inseparable. We are strongly convinced that the use of natural extracts can be compared to anything that can be consumed: it must be done with balance and awareness. We need to move towards more a responsible use to compensate for the fact that natural resources are limited. In MANE, developments of our natural ingredient include an approach towards sustainable development: this means we are committed to creating shared value with the local territory and population. Synthetic molecules increasingly seem to be a necessary protection against the exploitation of certain natural species that risk extinction. Certainly, there are still many possibilities of extracting unknown natural ingredients. However, every time there is an attempt to adopt an ethical and ecological approach, the synthetic molecule will always have the advantage!

3. You are two young women who are free to do what you want: what does feminism or the women's liberation movement mean to you?

Like all French women, we were strongly influenced by Simone Veil. She continues to inspire us thanks to the battles she conducted. This is because she laid the bases for the most important battle of the twentieth century: “stop trying to pass laws to control women's bodies." And the battle is still not over: it is a liberation movement that will go forward to create a society in which women will be completely free to make their own choices. Our mothers and grandmothers fought for these rights and we must continue to do the same for our daughters.

4. What is the scent of freedom for you?

If we're talking about freedom in general, its fragrance has the power to make people travel, to evoke places, other people, and to "resurrect" the dead... All smells have this power. If we're talking about freedom of gender, moving away from olfactory codes for genders gives us real creative freedom and emancipation... Using typical masculine archetypes in women's fragrances, like the Fougère structure and its iconic lavender, is a perfect example of this.

5. For each, what three smells evoke something positive and what three don't you really like?

(+) the smell of my children, the smell of my man, and the smell of all the flowers, grass, the forest and nature in general
(-) The smell of disease and of dead bodies, the smell of gas, and the smell of rotten meat and fish.

(+) the smell of my children, the ozonic and fruity smell in the middle of the ocean, neroli & musk.
(-) the plastic smell in low-cost shoe stores, the smell of fuel and pollution, the butyric /acidic smell of overripe fruit.