Tom Ford Presents Latest Private Blend Fragrance - Tubéreuse Nue

Luxferity, 01.02.2021

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Tom Ford presents the debut of his latest Private Blend fragrance, Tubéreuse Nue.

A new olfactive experience where the tuberose flower, with an illicit reputation, intertwines with the naked potency of the supple suede accord.

Also known as “Mistress of the Night,” the night-blooming tuberose flower appears delicate during the day and reveals its true potency at midnight. Most distinctly seen under the moonlight, the tuberose flower requires nocturnal pollinators in order to bloom, evoking the duality of the notorious, heady scent with enticing spices to release an extravagant magnetism as night falls.

The white floral introduction exposes a deceptively innocent tuberose and jasmine, exuding a deep sensuality – while timut pepper adds erotic potency to this mystical dance. At its peak, a supple suede accord exudes skin-on-skin carnality, and a soft blanket of woody patchouli and agarwood musk capture the afterglow, promising the mood endures.

Tom Ford Presents Latest Private Blend Fragrance - Tubéreuse Nue


Tubéreuse Nue is housed in a matte ivory iteration of the iconic Private Blend bottle. Finished with a glossed, barely-pink plaque and gilded accents, the 50mL and 100mL flacons have the sleek, architectural look of a chess piece, and the 250mL decanter adds monumental beauty to any vanity.

TOM FORD TUBÉREUSE NUE is available in Switzerland starting February 2021.

Tom Ford Tubéreuse Nue Private Blend 50ml CHF 340.-*

Tom Ford Tubéreuse Nue Private Blend 250ml CHF 890.-*

*Suggested retailer price