New Alien Muse Is Coming For You, With Alien Hypersense

Luxferity, 23.04.2024

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New Alien Muse Is Coming For You, With Alien Hypersense

“Forever Fierce. Forever Fantasy. Forever Fascinating. Mugler is viral. Mugler is hot. Mugler is the brand of NOW.

Whoever you are, whoever you want to be, Mugler’s hyper-strong silhouettes and groundbreaking fragrances allow you to sculpt your identity. Become a supercharged version of yourself. With values of self-affirmation, body empowerment, and self-staging, our brand is forever pushing disruption.

Spearheaded by fashion creative director Casey Cadwallader, the house of Mugler knows no limits. Mugler is always the brand to stand out, never the brand to fit in. Injecting more edginess and fierce energy than ever in the brand’s avant-garde fragrances.

In 2024, we are thrilled to announce the radical rebirth of Alien. Creating with Alien Hypersense a weirder, cooler mutation of our most otherworldly scent. A magnet for fragrance radicals worldwide. Because weird is the new cool for a whole new generation of Mugler women.”

Danièle Lahana-Aidenbaum, President Mugler Fashion & Fragrances

New Alien Muse Is Coming For You, With Alien Hypersense


In 2005, Mugler released an extraordinary being into this world: Alien. A generous, benevolent solar muse bearing a mighty amethyst talisman capable of revealing the light and creative force of every woman.

Today, the new Alien muse is coming for you, with Alien Hypersense.

Instinctive. Unapologetic. Captivating and at times dangerous. A fierce, weird, cool new mutation of Alien. She’ll capture you. Transmute you. Invite you to experience the full spectrum of your hypersenses.

A sensory overload layering a splash of juicy fruitiness, woodiness and florality, Alien Hypersense boosts the original Alien’s signature solar jasmine sambac into an overblooming revelation. The quintessence of florality, captured in a technicolor talisman bottle.

See it. Smell it. Feel it. Unleash your inner Alien. Alien Hypersense Eau de Parfum, by Mugler.


“I designed an ultra-modern Alien, reaching the quintessence of florality.” - Dominique Ropion, Master Perfumer

Going back to the essence of Mugler’s weird, captivating amethyst fragrance, Alien Hypersense drives it into a new, hyperbolic territory. Hypermodern, hyperfeminine, so fiercely floral it’s almost animal, the new fragrance expresses the Alien muse’s powers at their most instinctive.

Designed by Mugler with Dominique Ropion, the ultimate Master Perfumer who composed the original Eau de Parfum in 2005, the woody floral fragrance showcases Mugler’s boundless imagination and peerless expertise. An invitation to sense the extraordinary, with a palette of exceptional ingredients woven into three hypersensory revelations.

New Alien Muse Is Coming For You, With Alien Hypersense


So vivid you can almost taste it, vibrant green mandarin essence awakens your senses. Feel the crispness of a juicy pear accord trickling on your tongue, crystalline and hyper-tempting. A vivid, multi-sensory experience blending color, taste, texture, sound and scent. You’re wide open to the world now.


Fiercely captivating and hyper-feminine, it’s more than scent. A fresh and petally overbloom, amplifying the flower’s solar power. A portal beyond smell. Jasmine sambac absolute, Alien’s signature flower, blossoms here in an exclusive quality, drawn from a sustainable harvest from Mugler’s field in India. More floral, less green and fruity than classic jasmine sambac, Mugler’s absolute reveals a hyperbolic femininity. Let it transmute you.

New Alien Muse Is Coming For You, With Alien Hypersense


Everyone of your senses is sharper. Feel the strength of electrifying Cashmeran at the tip of your fingers, irradiating hyper-sensuality. Fur-smooth as musk, silky as driftwood, with a salty, sexy, sun-warmed-skin tinge of ambergris… Alien’s iconic ambery wood, so richly faceted it’s almost a perfume in itself, sparks off a sensory revolution. Boosted by its power, you unleash your inner Alien.


For the first time ever in Alien Hypersense, Mugler introduces a precious, sustainably sourced jasmine sambac absolute extracted from flowers grown in Mugler’s very own field in India.

To ensure the best quality and traceability of its harvest, Mugler has been nurturing this field for 5 years now. We are thrilled to have reached the top sustainability level with positive impact on the local community, guaranteeing a living wage and giving health insurance, as well as training and protection to the field workers. To ensure biodiversity, the fields are surrounded by hedges of species endemic to India, producing food for people and livestock.

New Alien Muse Is Coming For You, With Alien Hypersense

Between May and June, the jasmine sambac grown in Mugler’s field is harvested at dawn while it is still in bud to ensure the highest concentration of fragrant compounds.

The flowers are extracted at a facility 15 minutes away from the field to ensure the greatest freshness as soon as they bloom. Their very essence is thus captured.

“This quality is perfect for Mugler because its fragrance is very sensual and generous. In the heart of the composition, it reveals opulent facets that express Alien’s essence to the fullest”, explains Master Perfumer Dominique Ropion.

The first crop, harvested in 2022, has yielded the jasmine sambac absolute used in Alien Hypersense.

New Alien Muse Is Coming For You, With Alien Hypersense


A radiant facetted talisman, the iconic Alien bottle is a spiritual prism that invites you to release the full spectrum of your hypersenses. It is also an avant-garde architectural piece of design. A precious jewel. Every bit as edgy as Mugler’s hyper-desirable fashion.

To reflect the mysterious transforming power of Alien Hypersense, the new bottle is lacquered in a technicolor ultraviolet. A weird, captivating halo of deep red and scarlet orange echoes the ombré effects of Mugler’s Spring Summer 2024 collection. The fragrance’s name, glowing in otherworldly gold, is the final eerie touch to the magnetic talisman.

Alien Hypersense is born refillable. Recharge it anywhere, anytime, with the 100ml refill bottle.

New Alien Muse Is Coming For You, With Alien Hypersense


“Growing up people used to always say I looked like an Alien”, reminisces Mugler new muse Anok Yai, whose otherworldly beauty sears the screen in the new Alien Hypersense campaign.

Today, Anok Yai is one of the world's top models. Her reads like a fairy tale.

Born in Egypt and raised in New Hampshire, the global fashion model of South Sudanese heritage was studying biochemistry when first noticed in a crowd at Howard University’s homecoming. Her picture went viral on social media within minutes of its presentation to the world.

Since then, Yai has gone on to become one of the most sought-after models in the industry. With her feline allure, piercing eyes, and magnetic presence, she has graced the catwalks of some of the world's most prestigious luxury houses. She has been featured on the covers of major fashion magazines the world over.

Yai’s appearances at The Met Gala are always arresting, stylish, creative, and go viral every time, garnering billions of impressions. In 2023, she was honored by Models. Com with the Model of the Year award, cementing her status as one of the most influential models in the industry. In addition to her modelling career, Yai is a prolific visual artist, mostly painting with oils.

New Alien Muse Is Coming For You, With Alien Hypersense

“She’s a supersonic person”, says Mugler fashion creative director Casey Cadwallader, who has featured Yai on the Mugler runway – she opened the FW 2023-2024 show that signed the brand’s return to live shows, and closed the SS 2024 show last autumn.

Of the top model’s performance in the new, weird Alien Hypersense campaign in which she turns into an otherworldly creature, Cadwallader adds: “She’s very sensual. She’s stunningly beautiful. She’s coming for you.”

New Alien Muse Is Coming For You, With Alien Hypersense


It’s one of the weirdest, coolest campaigns ever for a Mugler fragrance. An immersive, hyper-sensory journey imagined by Mugler Fashion Creative Director Casey Cadwallader, Mugler Fragrance teams and the New York based agency Baron & Baron, infusing the fashion brand’s avant-garde vision’s edginess into the Alien world.

From the moment a drop of perfume touches the skin of Mugler’s leather-clad muse Anok, her transformation begins. Breaking free from the boundaries of her human senses, she is seductive. Dangerous. Fascinating. You can’t keep your eyes off her. She doesn’t ask for your attention. She demands it. She’s coming for you…

As the film progresses and her hair goes from short to long, each of her senses is activated and amplified. Touch. Drops of scent hitting her skin, triggering her mutation. Sight. Her irises turn fuchsia, her pupils feline-like, her vision hyper-vivid. Scent. A storm of hologram-like UV-lit flowers flies towards the camera. Taste. She licks her lips sensuously. Are those her teeth we glimpse in the red light?

Hearing. Nails into claws, rasping the walls of a hallway with weird ASMR sounds as she comes for you.

Suddenly, in the climax of the film, Anok takes a huge, feline leap towards the camera, catching the Alien Hypersense bottle. She sprays you with it, triggering your own transformation. Inviting you to unleash your inner Alien.

New Alien Muse Is Coming For You, With Alien Hypersense

To create the campaign’s fierce otherworldly imagery, Mugler has called on the talent of the German photographer and film director Daniel Sannwald, one of the most unique voices in contemporary creation. Blurring the line between fantasy and reality, his visionary style has caught the attention of some of the most influential names in the music industry including Rosalia, Beyonce, Rihanna, SZA, Lady Gaga and Dua Lipa, to mention a few. Impeccable credentials that match Mugler’s pop culture sensibilities. For Alien Hypersense, Daniel Sannwald delivers a mesmerizing film blending weirdness, sensuality and power.

Also shot by Daniel Sannwald, the visual of the Alien Hypersense campaign shows Mugler muse Anok as a fierce Alien holding the prismatic bottle between her feline claw-like nails. Ready to spray you with a sensory overload. Here, the bottle is the star just as much at the muse: a hyper-desirable talisman ready to mutate you.

New Alien Muse Is Coming For You, With Alien HypersenseNew Alien Muse Is Coming For You, With Alien Hypersense

New Alien Muse Is Coming For You, With Alien HypersenseNew Alien Muse Is Coming For You, With Alien HypersenseNew Alien Muse Is Coming For You, With Alien HypersenseNew Alien Muse Is Coming For You, With Alien HypersenseNew Alien Muse Is Coming For You, With Alien Hypersense