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Louis Vuitton Revealed Its Latest Twist Bags

Luxferity, 14.09.2022

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Louis Vuitton revealed the latest Twist bags in a photo series with Eve Jobs. A recent friend of the House and an equestrienne par excellence, she showcases these new animations with strength and grace.

Since making its debut during the 2015 Cruise runway show, the Twist has been embraced as an iconic Louis Vuitton bag. A modern, sophisticated design defined by a signature transforming LV lock
and graphic shape in Epi leather, it stands out as an emblematic creation that perfectly articulates the Maison’s savoir-faire.

Louis Vuitton Revealed Its Latest Twist Bags

For Winter 2022, Louis Vuitton puts a fresh spin on the Twist with several new animations. The original LV Twist lock, a jewel-like feature that enhances the bag’s classic design, is reinterpreted in a new “Gourmette” lock in four variations: colourful strass, enamel, an engraved Monogram, and engraved metal that echoes the signature Epi leather.

The subtle radiance of the Gourmette lock highlights the innovation of the iconic clasp that pivots from an LV to a V, reaffirming the heritage of the Maison with contemporary flair. Pink strass and black enamel accent the chic black design; silver strass and pale blue enamel add a sleek fashion-forward touch to the Twist in pale quartz; and blue strass with white enamel emphasise the freshness of the blue toledo bag.

Louis Vuitton Revealed Its Latest Twist Bags

A faceted gold or silver chain has been added as a refined accent to these styles.

Compact yet spacious, the Twist retains its day-to-night versatility across small and medium sizes. An adjustable and removable leather smart strap provides multiple carry options.

The iconic Twist also features in its signature camel, black and white versions.

Dressed in looks from the womenswear FW 2022 collection that reflect countryside and urban sensibilities, Eve Jobs gives off a natural allure that extends to the Twist bags she carries.

Louis Vuitton Revealed Its Latest Twist BagsLouis Vuitton Revealed Its Latest Twist BagsLouis Vuitton Revealed Its Latest Twist BagsLouis Vuitton Revealed Its Latest Twist BagsLouis Vuitton Revealed Its Latest Twist BagsLouis Vuitton Revealed Its Latest Twist Bags


Photographer: Ethan James Green for Louis Vuitton

Stylist: Victoria Sekrier for Louis Vuitton

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