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The Swiss Jeweller KURZ AG Celebrates Its 75th Anniversary

Luxferity, 23.06.2023

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Armin Kurz founded his first atelier in Zurich as a 24-year-old goldsmith, which later evolved into Juwelier Kurz AG with branches throughout Switzerland. As a goldsmith with a love for tradition and craftsmanship, Armin Kurz' mission was to offer customers impeccably crafted, high-quality, genuine jewelry. He also recognized early on the immense importance of excellent customer service, a carrier of trust and loyalty that should not be underestimated. The more the company developed, the more Armin Kurz also invested in the training and development of young talent. Preparing apprentices for their future beautiful and multifaceted profession was a matter close to Armin Kurz's heart.

Thus, even today, each Kurz branch takes on a new young team member as an apprentice every year, which keeps both the apprentices and the trainers in constant contact with the knowledge and innovations that are important in the industry. Permeability within the teams promotes competence, ranging from young sales staff to experienced personalities.

The Swiss Jeweller KURZ AG Celebrates Its 75th Anniversary

When Armin Kurz was considering his successor, he could only think of one buyer who could meet his high quality standards: the new owner should be Bucherer AG. The vision was developed to position Juwelier Kurz AG as a top performer for "accessible and approachable luxury".

After 30 years of affiliation with the Bucherer Group, IGS AG, a Swiss family-owned company, was able to take over Juwelier Kurz AG in 2020. Visions of Armin Kurz and the wealth of experience from the renowned Bucherer Group, lead us to our new credo: We add luxury to your everyday life...

The Swiss Jeweller KURZ AG Celebrates Its 75th Anniversary

This guiding principle "Everyday Luxury" accompanies us in everything we do. For us, it goes beyond the quality of the products. We want to make every day special and create memories for our customers that will last for generations.

With this in mind, we have created two very special pieces of jewelry for our anniversary:

  • On the one hand, a Trilogy ring of 1.00 ct, redesigned in platinum 950 in 3 x 0.333 ct is a truly luxurious and at the same time classic piece of jewelry that exudes modernity and class through its new design, the product that emphasizes luxury.

The Swiss Jeweller KURZ AG Celebrates Its 75th Anniversary

The Swiss Jeweller KURZ AG Celebrates Its 75th Anniversary

  • On the other hand, a size adjustable bracelet with a diamond of 0.075 ct, available in white gold, yellow gold and rose gold and small KURZ plaque with another diamond, the product that finds perfect expression in "everyday life".

The Swiss Jeweller KURZ AG Celebrates Its 75th Anniversary

The Swiss Jeweller KURZ AG Celebrates Its 75th Anniversary

The Swiss Jeweller KURZ AG Celebrates Its 75th Anniversary

Sparkling diamonds underline our guiding principles and conjure up magic and sparkle in our lives.

As a jewelry and watch company, we are committed to keeping traditions and values alive. With the rebranding of KURZ approached for our anniversary, and especially our new website, we harbor the intention of seamlessly blending the old and the new, creating a fresh and inspiring look that both appeals to our existing customers and captures the imagination of a new generation. We pride ourselves on putting a modern twist on a craft steeped in tradition. Our approach highlights our authenticity and passion for providing our customers with luxurious and special products that will stay with them for a lifetime.

The KURZ Roadshow

For our 75th anniversary, we want to inspire people, we want to show ourselves as approachable and accessible as we are luxurious, thus living our motto in reality.

We have deliberately created something that picks people up where they are and will be represented with our tour in all cities of our KURZ locations. It was always close to our hearts to create something that touches people, where they can experience something together, in the real and not the digital world.

The result was a mix of street art, experience and art. Over many months, enthusiastic creatives developed this installation concept, shot photos and videos, created stories, and today are joyfully excited to see how people react to it!

"Next Stop KURZ1948" takes the idea of a metro that we use to symbolize all the moments that people experience. Whether this is addressing their first love there, going on vacation with their best friend, starting a trip with their dog, or maybe even proposing to their great love. We want to depict all facets that make our lives so worth living. Our "Metro" stands for all positive feelings and happy moments. We connect, create memories that accompany our lives. Just like our products, only in a different form.

People should decide for themselves what they experience in it and with whom as well as how they share this moment with KURZ1948. And maybe this container is just the beginning of a new memory in London, Paris or Milan.

Tour dates and details about the roadshow and the competition:

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