Planning store visits in New York

Luxferity, 19.05.2017

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Planning store visits in New York

Planning store visits in New York

Next week I will be in New York for business purposes. It is going to be a busy time. Anyway, I would like to bring a lovely present for my second half, because I love her. But how to manage this? What should I buy? And where?

I open the side, navigate through the world map and find New York among other cities in the USA. I see the stores of luxury brands and some of them are the favorites of my wife. I enter the first of them and read what is new and unique in it while listen to the streamed music from the store. This brand offers a special bag series in New York so I pre-order three bags and make an appointment to see and touch them during my store visit on Wednesday at 12.00am.

I enter the second store of another brand and pre-order a beautiful scarf that could be an alternative for the bags I may not choose in the first boutique. This time it will be a short visit. I guess 15 minutes should be enough time to make a decision.

Maybe is it worth to visit a third store which is nearby, so I could buy shoes for me from the newest collection? It is a good idea to be advised. I make an appointment and be there at 1.30 pm.

I see all my schedules and pre-ordered products in my user account. After a while I have a question about the scarf, so I send an instant message to the brand and ask for details on the product. The answer comes immediately. I am pleased. Now I can rest and travel to New York.

The Wednesday approaches. I let me guide with the navigation on the side and find the first store. The store attendant welcomes me warmly and greets by name. She presents me the bags and I think that my wife will love the blue one. I take it and go to the second store. Fortunately, I asked before if they have different colors of the scarf, and there is a blue one too in stock. It will fit to the bag. So I kindly ask to wrap it and go to the third stores. Here, I choose black shoes recommended by the attendant.

Driving along the 5th Avenue I feel good, because I bought great presents for my love and I did it quickly saving my time. It was also an exceptional experience because I was attended in a personalized way. They know my name!

I comment my experience in New York to my friend and recommend him some of the products and stores via messenger on the side. He will need some present for his wife soon, too.