Explore online, experience offline. The beginning.

Luxferity, 06.09.2018

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Explore online, experience offline. The beginning.

Living unique shopping experience while connecting with luxury brands and their stores

Today, you mostly search online for luxury brands, products and news around them. With a mobile device you do it easily on the couch, or at the beach. You quickly collect information and than make decision what you would like to buy and which stores you would like to visit. Once there you touch and feel selected products and enjoy the ambiance with your friends. You are happy when you go out together into the street with many bags of your beloved brands. This is the way you want to live.

But does it really happen? How many times did you open dozens of web sites and couldn't find what you were looking for? Or did you lose in the information overload? How did it feel to return ordered products for home delivery when they didn't fit? Was it fun to shop alone? Obviously, you expect to have extraordinary and pleasing shopping experience. And it should be a smooth process. Good thing is that you can have it all.

Soon on Luxferity, you will immerse in this unique experience by simply following the flow:

  1. On Luxferity platform search for luxury stores in your preferred location. It also may be an airport.
  2. Check what's new there, which events will take place and which products or services are being offered.
  3. Contact store associate for assistance or order selected products to see and touch them.
  4. Meet your friends and enjoy the time together.

In your private account you will maintain control over all your orders and scheduled appointments as well have overview of all your favourite locations, products and store information. And much, much more.

Already today, you can interact with your friends using social features on Luxferity. So register right now and become an exclusive member of Luxferity.

This is just the beginning

We @ Luxferity are currently buildng up our service platform to provide you with neat social shopping experience. Implementing our new ideas is fascinating but not always easy and therefore it takes more time as planned. We would like to ask you for your patience in awaiting of full service delivery.

We strongly believe that you will connect soon with the most significant luxury brands in the world on Luxferity. This interaction will be initiated on a single online platform and will offer digital touch-points as a bridge to the luxury boutiques you will step in.

We would be more than happy if you could spread a word about our idea. You can recommend our platform or invite a friend to join you on Luxferity.

Luxferity is a sphere for those who love luxury and want to live future trends already today.