Maison Francis Kurkdjian: New fragance ritual

Luxferity, 30.07.2020


With the OUD mood collection, Francis Kurkdjian shares his vision of the material: a unique perception of a rare ingredient coming from the Orient and an imagination linked to a fabric.

In OUD satin mood, he weaves the silkiness of violet flowers and the sensuality of Bulgarian and Turkish roses to offer us a fluid satin fabric to be draped delicately over bare skin. We allow ourselves to be seduced by the finesse of these flowers, the sweetness of the amber vanilla notes and the power of Oud wood from Laos.

The shimmering, generous sillage of OUD satin mood comes today in a scented hair mist that gently permeates the hair, alongside a scented body oil that leaves a silky touch. An impression of a satin veil creates an utterly delicate and feminine fragrance experience.

OUD satin mood, scented body oil

The irresistibly light texture of OUD satin mood scented body oil enhances your skin with a delicate, glowing veil. It combines three oils selected for their natural properties: argan oil, sweet almond oil and apricot kernel oil.

- Scented body oil – 2.4 fl.oz.

OUD satin mood, scented hair mist

In a light cloud of fragrance on the hair, OUD satin mood scented mist delicately perfumes your tresses. With every move of the head, strong, sensual notes are revealed in an extremely elegant fragrance.

- Scented hair mist – 2.4 fl.oz.

OUD satin mood collection includes:

- Eau de parfum - 2.4 fl.oz., 6.8 fl.oz. & 3 x 0.37 fl.oz. (refills)

- Extrait de parfum - 2.4 fl.oz.

- Body cream - 8.5 fl.oz.

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