Paco Rabanne presents its new fragrance 1 MILLION Parfum

Luxferity, 28.07.2020

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There are two kinds of men.

The ones who take risks. And the ones who watch

1 MILLION Parfum. 

Same charisma.

Same allure.

Same attitude. 

Same fragrance signature. 

The scent: a floral leather with solar strength

A flamboyant new take on 1 MILLION.

By Christophe Raynaud and Quentin Bisch. 

Their mission: 

To imagine the new generation of 1 MILLION.

The result:

A light bath.

A heat wave.

A sensuality overdose.

Where leather meets flowers,

in the mid-summer. 

The impression of a slightly salty skin warmed by the sun.

Paco Rabanne presents its new fragrance 1 MILLION Parfum

A salty pulsation: 

a salty tuberose, ambroxide, cashmeran accord.

Leathery opulence: 

a solar leather accord, rockrose resin.


The bottle


Among 1 MILLION bottles?


The original 1 MILLION, reinvented.

A new emblem: radiant, royal, solar.

There are two kinds of bottles.

The ones you forget. And the ones you collect. 

Too much is never enough.

Joey Bada$$, 1 Million spokesperson:

24 years old and a brilliant energy. Charisma to spare. His name is Joey Bada$$, and he’s one of the superstars of the international hip hop scene. Born in Brooklyn, this young American rap prodigy is also an actor (Mr. Robot with Rami Malek, among others) and an entrepreneur. A committed, respected artist, he lends his voice to those who cannot be heard. His motto: to be free and proud, and above all, to keep his head held high. 

After two months on tour in 2019 with his collective Beast Coast to promote an acclaimed album, he is getting ready to release a new solo album in 2020. 


Paco Rabanne presents its new fragrance 1 MILLION Parfum

Lady Million Empire Collector, queen to his king

And to go with

1 MILLION Perfume

Lady Million Empire 

is available in a COLLECTOR’S edition

A UNIQUE alter-ego

Both pink and bling

A glittery pink diamond with the same fragrance signature as the original


Paco Rabanne presents its new fragrance 1 MILLION Parfum

The first Chypre from Paco

In collaboration with Anne Flipo - the perfumer behind the original Lady Million - Jean-Christophe Hérault (IFF) has created a modern chypre. A chypre architecture for power and sophistication, with patchouli as its pillar. The accord: magnolia blossom plunged into the scents of a highly addictive cognac. 

Paco Rabanne presents its new fragrance 1 MILLION Parfum


Sparkling, ultra-faceted bloom

Bright magnolia. Fresh petals. Orange blossom and osmanthus essence with leather-apricot inflections. 

Cognac addiction

The power of patchouli over a musk effect. Sweet, juicy cognac accents.