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Spicebomb Infrared: The New Eau De Parfum By Viktor&Rolf

Luxferity, 11.05.2023

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Spicebomb Infrared: The New Eau De Parfum By Viktor&Rolf

Spicebomb Infrared: The New Eau De Parfum By Viktor&Rolf

Pitch black.
Light pulses red
on naked skin
in a heartbeat’s rhythm.

The beat quickens.
The light glows brighter.

Heat rises,
Breath accelerates,
Lust is unleashed.

The deeper the heat
The more you’ll be seen.

Turn up the heat.


The heat from an impassioned body radiates infrared. Existing below the visible spectrum of light, it is imperceptible to the human eye without infrared tech. The magnitude of radiation emitted by a body increases with temperature. The deeper the heat, the more you’ll be seen. Even in the dark.

A torrid, sensorial explosion driven by the physical response to desire, SPICEBOMB INFRARED Eau de Parfum is a heat-seeking act of carnality to set the world on fire. Radiating in an intense red, the fragrance erupts from a grenade-shaped bottle, seemingly aglow, evoking smoldering embers.

Detonating the codes of Haute Couture and fragrance, Viktor&Rolf presents the new men’s Eau de Parfum as a deep, orgasmic explosion of sultry hedonism.

Spicebomb Infrared: The New Eau De Parfum By Viktor&Rolf


Conceived by perfumers Carlos Benaim and Jean-Christophe Hérault, SPICEBOMB INFRARED Eau de Parfum reinterprets the original heat of SPICEBOMB with more profound intensity.

“Spicebomb Infrared Eau de Parfum is even more powerful, complex and torrid. The temperature goes up another notch”, explain the perfumers. “It is an incandescent, charismatic version, where sensuality is pushed to the extreme.”

SPICEBOMB INFRARED Eau de Parfum explodes in intensely scorching spices, underlined by a key accord of red pepper, pimento berry oil and black pepper oil. The fiery, profound energy after dark adventure is evoked. With the heat of Habanero red pimento, Viktor&Rolf pushes the olfactory experience to the limit.

The fragrance ignites in a sensual and torrid expression of j uicy, full-bodied red pepper berries accord and burning spices in a fusion of carnal leather notes. An ambery, SPICEBOMB INFRARED Eau de Parfum has the scorching heart of Habanero Red Pimento. With a Scoville scale – indicating the level of spiciness of chili peppers – of 100,000 to 350,000, it is among the hottest in the world, used for the first time by Viktor&Rolf in the original SPICEBOMB. The fragrance climaxes in an eruption of resinous wood accords for a carnal and erotic olfactory experience.

The perfumers used Living™ Technology to extract the natural essence of ingredients that are otherwise impossible to procure, allowing a new perfume technology that recreates natural-like, living fragrance notes such as the piercing aroma of Habanero red pepper, leading the senses in a whirlwind of excitement.

First launched in 20 12, Viktor&Rolf’s SPICEBOMB is an explosive ambery scent, a profusion of spices. After SPICEBOMB EXTREME, SPICEBOMB NIGHT VISION and SPICEBOMB INFRARED Eau de Toilette, Viktor&Rolf once again revisits its iconic masculine fragrance for SPICEBOMB INFRARED Eau de Parfum.

Spicebomb Infrared: The New Eau De Parfum By Viktor&Rolf

Top Notes: Red pepper accord and cinnamon oil
Heart Notes: Lavandin heart Provence and habanero red pimento accord
Base Notes: Resinous wood accord and patchouli oil


Viktor&Rolf presents SPICEBOMB INFRARED Eau de Parfum, a film by photographer and creative director Matthias Vriens. The campaign is an exploration of male sensuality rarely seen; at once strong, yet fragile, intimate yet open.

The SPICEBOMB man enters a steam room. Alone, in this space, he reaches toward his SPICEBOMB INFRARED Eau de Parfum. In a sudden explosion of red light, his body pulses, tening with sweat and glowing glis with sultry heat.

Spicebomb Infrared: The New Eau De Parfum By Viktor&Rolf