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OMEGA joins The Circle with an immersive boutique

Luxferity, 25.11.2020

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Built with architectural flair, The Circle is the new must-see destination for business and lifestyle at Zurich Airport. Alongside the host of gastronomic, event and shopping venues, the Swiss watchmaker OMEGA has now opened its biggest Boutique in Europe at The Circle.

Spread out over two floors, the store encompasses 799 m2 of space dedicated entirely to the OMEGA universe. Customers will be welcomed inside to explore the company’s full collection of watches and accessories, all while surrounded by a contemporary and sophisticated interior design. Following OMEGA’s global boutique theme, this includes warm lighting, textured furniture, deep red carpets and golden touches in the details.

Furthermore, OMEGA has embraced The Circle’s immersive spirit, and has incorporated unique installations, including an exhibition area at the entrance of the store, which will be updated often with themes relating to the brand’s iconic legacy.

A special sales area, decorative walls and even a technospace with touch-screen innovation, will all reveal the diversity of OMEGA’s history and passions. For an extra incentive, an exclusive bar and lounge inside the Boutique will provide the perfect place for staff to connect with their valued customers.

Raynald Aeschlimann, President and CEO of OMEGA says, “The Circle is a very forward-thinking project and we are really inspired by its spirit of combining business with lifestyle. As a pioneering luxury Swiss brand ourselves, OMEGA sees it as a great opportunity to be part of something unique, and we really share their vision of creating a truly special experience.”

Positioned at the centre of the main plaza, OMEGA is one of the first names that visitors to The Circle will see. It’s an ideal opportunity to step inside and learn more about the watchmaking brand that has been creating Switzerland’s best watches since 1848.


The Circle 33

8058 Zurich Airport

+41 44 208 17 30

Boutique opening hours:

Monday to Sunday: 10am – 8pm