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Miu Miu Presents Its New Holiday Campaign: Private Wishes

Luxferity, 08.11.2022

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An exploration of private wishes is the focus of the Miu Miu holiday campaign. A perfectly formed collection is designed to appeal to our personal fantasies, all of them different, individual, gently provocative. A minimal, even utilitarian aesthetic is juxtaposed with archetypically feminine surface embellishment and gesture. A conversation between clothing reduced to its beautiful essence and a quietly celebratory frivolity ensues.

Proportion is played with as clothing is slashed, spliced and apparently contradictory elements are merged: the oversized and the miniaturized; the buttoned up and the undone; the masculine and the feminine; the outside and the inside come together in a manner that is marginally skewed, studiously disorienting, conveying the tension between the real and the unreal that lies deep within us all. Fashion is our uniform, there to serve, but it is also enriching, aspirational, playful: a naked sandal with a glitter heel; a pliant ballerina scattered with gold; an iconic bag, big or small, in purest white, inkiest black or reflective; a soulful pearl nestling in a cradle of polished brass.

The Miu Miu holiday campaign is both a mirror of the time and a dreamscape, inward looking – private – but an outward looking reflection of innermost thoughts. The spaces the protagonists inhabit are their own. But where are they exactly? At once unmistakeably human but very slightly out of reach, it is left to our imagination to decide.

The Miu Miu Private Wishes campaign features actor and model Esther McGregor, model Mona Tougaard and actor You- mi Lee.


Talent: Esther McGregor, Mona Tougaard, You-mi Lee
Art Direction: Lina Kutsovskaya/Be Good Studios
Photographer: Tyrone Lebon
Stylist: Lotta Volkova