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Luxferity, 13.12.2023

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Advertisement on Luxferity

Advertisement on Luxferity

LUXFERITY is a Swiss media house providing latest news from more than 250 renowned luxury brands about fashion, jewellery, watches, beauty & home products, travel (automotive, yahts, airplanes) and hospitality (hotels, real estate projects) to the readers across the world (with strong footprint in US, Western Europe, Middle East, Asia and Pacific).

Luxferity enables also the preparation for store visits using preordering and appointment making service - for many luxury brands in one user account only. Store Appointment and Pre-order services allow our brand partners to showcase their products in the Digital Boutiques and enable our users to prepare for the boutique visits.

  • Our work has been recognized by the LUXlife Magazine and awarded Luxury Fashion & Lifestyle News Platform of the Year - Europe in the Style & Apparel Awards 2023.

We invite you to give presence to your luxury brand and products on our digital platform Luxferity.

Using our exceptional style and design your message will be conveyed to U/HNWI readers in an exclusive environment that hosts most recognized luxury brands worldwide.

Key facts & figures:

- Readership segment: U/HNWI
- Website traffic: purely organic - 24'000 monthly (33% US, 40% Europe, rest: Middle East, Asia & Pacific)
- Geographical reach: global
- Content topics: luxury goods and services (fashion, jewellery, watches, beauty products, home, travel [automotive, yahts, airplanes], hospitality [hotels, real estate])
. Content language: englisch
- Content medium: editorials, advertorials, ad banners, product featuring
- Content sections: Magazine; Brand Spaces (long-term presence by brand); Digital Boutiques (to showcase products in the stores, prepare for visits in physical locations while using Appointment Making and Product Pre-ordering).
- Client portfolio: over 250 luxury brands worldwide (incl. Dior, D&G, Cartier, Piaget, Alexander McQueen, Versace, Bulgari, Zegna, Louis Vuitton)
- Cooperation partners: press departments, PR and marketing agencies

Our paid service catalog for your brand promotion.

1. Advertorial

- Published in Brand Space* and/or re-published in Luxferity Magazine
- No minimum or maximum limit of content size: text, images, video, links
- Preferred size of visuals (images): 1200x800px, 1200x1500px
- Preferred size of adv banners: 300x250px, 720x90px
- Hi-res for images; hi-def for video: 1080p
- Publication period: unlimited
- Lead time from production time to publication: 4 hours
- Advertorial distributed in our social media channels and newsletter
Price (excl. VAT)
- CHF 200.- (advertorial held for 3 consecutive days on the 1-4 position in the Magazine)
- Additional week of the 1-4 position in the Magazine: CHF 100.-
- Advertorial exclusivity (exclusion of 3rd party adv banners from the content): CHF 200,-

2. Advertising campaign

- 1st position in our billboard (slider) on Luxferity homepage (image size 1600x800px with central elements in the middle of the visual due to mobile version)
- Advertorial title in rotating flash news panel on the bottom of the homepage (desktop only)
- Central button and advertorial title in the flash news panel linked directly to the advertorial
- Advertorial published in Brand Space* and/or re-published in Luxferity Magazine
- Social media channels
- Newsletter
- Direct mailing to registered users (to user account mailboxes)
Production time
- Lead time from production time to publication: 1 day
Price (excl. VAT)
- CHF 2'000.- for one month adv period (advertorial held on the 1-4 position in the Magazine during the adv campaign)

3. Brand Space*

Brand Space

- Individually dedicated space for permanent brand exposure and creation of long lasting relationships

- Publishing of articles and/or advertorials and re-publishing in Luxferity Magazine

- Product featuring (product tiles and sites with descriptions and visuals; enable usage of Appointment and Pre-order service for brands without physical boutiques)

- Appointment and Pre-order service (for brands without physical boutiques)

Price (excl. VAT)

- Monthly subscription fee: CHF 200.-

- Sales success fee

4. Digital Boutiques

Digital Boutiques

- Digital representation of the physical locations (stores) of the luxury brand

- Publishing of articles and/or advertorials related to store events and current product offering

- Re-publishing of artilces from Brand Space* related to general brand communication (collection updates, campaigns)

- Store Appointment and Pre-order service

- Condition for opening of Digital Boutiques: existing Brand Space* on Luxferity

Price (excl. VAT)

- Monthly fee: CHF 50.- per unit

- Sales success fee

Shall you be interested to promote your luxury brand and products on Luxferity, please revert to us for cooperation options at

Updated on February 27, 2024