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Delvaux Launches Its New Autumn-Winter 2021 Collection: Ode To The Road

Luxferity, 20.08.2021

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For Autumn-Winter 2021, we’re hitting the road finally taking that trip we’ve dreamt of for so long. Travelling west to east, a Delvaux bag perched on the passenger seat. Keeper of all essentials, our ideal travel companion catches every mood, every desire. Let’s set off on a road-trip, at the crossroads of innovation and tradition.


The highway is where our journey begins. Take it easy, windows down, California dreaming all the way to Zabriskie's point. As we cross the glowing west, the sand shifts in white and beige against a scorched earth. Driving hard, the engine roars and the desert opens itself to lighthearted souls. Nothing is behind us and everything lies ahead.

On the Tempête and Brillant, delicate hand stitching sets the pace. This savoir-faire punctuates the Brillant’s outline, like the steering wheel of a fine collector’s car. The Tempête meanwhile finds itself dressed in a graphic design, ivory thread on black leather. On the Box calf skin, shades of smoke-coloured shine transform from glossy to matt, recalling the shimmering bonnet of a beautiful car.


Now to Paris at full speed. On the Rive Gauche, where every building has a soul, the city’s heritage breathes in the modern air. On the Rive Droite, we pass the Pei Pyramid and the 18th century Palais, glass and cut stone entwined in perfect harmony. Wrought iron balconies, geometric and steadfast, guide us along. It's morning and the City of Lights awakens for a new journey.

A contemporary twist on a timeless tradition, a new monogram print in Prussian blue and white celebrates the ‘D’ of Delvaux. The D Upside Down and all over dresses the lining of the Brillant, the body of the Pin Mini Bucket and a new Pin D zipped pouch. Whether on a mini crossbody pouch or at the end of a strap, D Upside Down adapts to all desires.


Eastwards we head to Asia, where night never really falls. On the roaring streets, reflections bathe in the throb of the engine. Colourful vibrations answer to the rhythm of the beat. It feels like it’s 2046. As we slowly follow the road, the magic of artificial lights mesmerizes us. From black to végétal and British green, subtle dark shades leave their mark on the So Cool, the Cool Box and the Pin Mini Bucket.

Inspired by the world of motorsports, perforated leather takes on a neo-technical, genderneutral look. On the straps, ‘Delvaux’ is spelled out with perforations, creating a hypnotic rhythm that carries us along until the end of the night.


Combining creativity and savoir-faire, Delvaux has been crafting timeless leather designs since 1829. Founded in Brussels by Charles Delvaux, its elegant, innovative bags have always offered both freedom and femininity.

Poetic expressions of emotion and craftsmanship, Delvaux’s designs are handmade by artisans who have handed their skills down from generation to generation. Sculptural lines and sensual leathers have long defined La Maison’s creations, instantly recognizable by their quality, sophistication and attention to detail.