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#BeYourChange By Brunello Cucinelli x Ramla Ali

Luxferity, 10.05.2022

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Born in Somali (where she had to flee the civil war with her family) and raised in the UK, Ramla is the first Somali woman to become a professional boxer and to win the English national title. In 2021 she was the first Somali female boxer to compete at the Tokyo Olympics. In addition to her work as a boxer, she is also an activist and model. In 2018 she founded the Ramla Ali Sisters Club: a weekly and free boxing class for women in London, which aims to provide a safe place without discrimination.

#BeYourChange By Brunello Cucinelli x Ramla Ali

With her story and the extraordinary achievements she has achieved so far at a young age, Ramla perfectly embodies the essence of #BeYourChange: a video series by Brunello Cucinelli that explores the theme of change.

#BeYourChange includes video series with a wide range of personalities who report on their own paths of change and development, addressing topics such as hope, courage and the future.

For the 5th series of #BeYourChange, Ramla Ali talks about her personal story and how change can be an opportunity to grow. Boxing helped her get to know herself to fight prejudice and overcome fears and insecurities.

With #BeYourChange, Ramla Ali and Brunello Cucinelli want to send a joint message that change starts with you and you should hold on to your dreams.

#BeYourChange By Brunello Cucinelli x Ramla Ali