“Give Voice To Your Boutique” - New Campaign on Luxferity

Luxferity, 21.03.2021

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This article is about the importance of luxury boutique for the customer and the brand. It is being updated continuously.

Have you ever wondered why the online shopping for luxury goods is like a human being without a soul?

Once delivered at home, your luxury products do not appear "special", as they are designed to do, they miss the magic. The magic is the ambience of the stores with real people who share with you the brand's world.

With the digitization of almost every aspect of our world we forget that for us, people around the world, the most important is to be together. The togetherness is the key aspect of luxury boutiques, were we like to meet with friends and store attendants to feel special. And to be cherished, and advised in a professional manner.

The aspect of human interaction make the stores indispensable, they will never be replaced by digital solutions. As digital solutions may be convenient to collect information about the brands and their products, physical encounters in luxury boutiques are and will be the places to finalize the buying process being accompanied by extraordinary experience. And, only in the real stores the extraordinary space can be created because you can feel it, without saying a word.

But do all luxury boutiques possess a soul?

To answer this question, first, we have to think about what makes the great boutique. It could be the location in high-end district, street or even at the airport as popular spot to stay. Or maybe it is the extraordinary interior of the boutique designed by famous artist. But what about store attendants, shall they be the magnet to visit a boutique?

We said that the people make the place unique, so the staff and clients are the core of this constellation. The ambience which is being constituted by physical location is an add-on to it. Even the most glamorous place will not shine without people filling out the space and spreading the positive feelings and energy around them.