A Celebration Of Gerald Genta’s Creative Spirit, In A Genta Way

Luxferity, 31.08.2023

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A Celebration Of Gerald Genta’s Creative Spirit, In A Genta Way


On August 31st, Maison gérald genta welcomed watch collectors, journalists and friends of the brand to a private cocktail celebrating the creative spirit of its late founder Mr. Gérald Genta, affectionately nicknamed the Picasso of watchmaking.

A Celebration Of Gerald Genta’s Creative Spirit, In A Genta Way

Reflecting the creative energy of its founder but also his unconventional and daring approach, the Maison surprised its guests with the exhibition of one of the 1970s design icons: a unique car prototype designed by famous car designer Marcello Gandini the very same year Mr. Genta was launching his eponymous brand.

In a nod to Mr. Genta’s playful approach, the car was exhibited in a plexiglas box reminiscent of toy car boxes that we all know from our childhood. The cocktail was held on the Esplanade of the Hotel Président Wilson in Geneva, the birthplace of the Maison gérald genta; the exhibition will remain open to public until September 3rd.

Jean Arnault, Director of Watches at gérald genta, co-hosted the reception with Evelyne Genta, founder of the Association, Gérald Genta Heritage.

“I am delighted to have Ms. Genta with us to celebrate the creative spirit of her late husband, Gérald Genta. A prolific, sometimes provocative and always extraordinary talent, Mr. Genta designed and created extraordinary watches and objects for a very exclusive clientele. Today, we honor his insatiable creative energy in a very Genta way: daring and fun. This celebration also offers a glimpse into the future of the brand: creating emotions through extraordinary designs is precisely the purpose of gérald genta watches today.” said Jean Arnault.

A Celebration Of Gerald Genta’s Creative Spirit, In A Genta Way


Evelyne Genta added: “Gérald never lost – and even cultivated – a childlike eye on the world, which is why he decided to paint his own manufacture pink and dared to put cartoon characters on the dial of his fine watches. I believe that this is precisely what made his take on traditional watchmaking so refreshing. He wanted his clients’ eyes to shine like a child’s when they saw his creations. That is what I experience tonight with this exhibition as well!”

At a time when the world of traditional watchmaking was reeling from the “quartz crisis,” Genta became legendary for blending audacious designs with high-watchmaking complications. His watches, often made in precious metals, dared to combine materials such as lapis lazuli, tiger eye, onyx and mother-of-pearl, with high complications that no one at the time was bold enough to even consider working on.

Highlighting the creative genius of the Maestro, the brand set up an exhibition named “ésposizione genta” showcasing a selection of nine historical Genta watches, all highlighting a very innovative design angle with high watchmaking credentials.

Among them were featured the first ultra-thin minute repeater of the brand from 1981 with a very refined oval shape and moon phase in lapis lazuli; the Success from 1992 with its avant-garde octagonal case design and its innovative black carbon fiber dial, and the Grande Sonnerie from 1994, the most complicated watch of its time with a 1,000-component caliber.

Capturing the spirit of Gérald Genta’s whimsical approach, the unique Lancia Stratos HF Zero caught everyone’s attention. This legendary car was designed by Marcello Gandini in 1969, the same year the gérald genta brand was launched.

In homage to Genta’s childlike wonder, the automobile was presented inside a plexiglas replica of a toy car box. A gelato cart emblazoned “gélato genta” completed the theme.

The exhibition and animation will remain open to the public at the Hotel Président Wilson through September 3rd.