Grimoldi Milano - GTO

Grimoldi Milano, 31.01.2020


How the projects are born 

Dream, in order to create.

All is around and all is inside: I see what I dream, and I dream of what I want to see. Emotion represents the beginning of the creative process of the idea, and the interpretation. The project, as the creative representation expresses emotion of the idea, born from visual and sentimental experiences. The "tools" used in projecting phase are: thinking, turning fingers, concentrating on the void, white paper and black pen. Idea, the prisoner in pen then liberates itself, and follows down the path of emotions. If I leave my thoughts to follow my idea, my project evolves towards research and experimentation. As in a good dining experience: dishes are tasted and flavors discovered.

In the developing phase that follows, fantasy does not aim at final product but roams free in between reflection, instinct, and creative projecting path. Free to grow in an organic way: a plant that grows out of a seed, who did not know itself to be able to be come a plant.

After the purely creative and projecting phase comes the prototype phase. The idea is materialized with prototype and this step tests the viability of the idea. Through prototype, the best esthetic and technical features are then found, combining emotion and technology. With final prototype the circle is closed: emotion, idea and dream become substance.

...Never stop dreaming and continue to create.…


...such beautiful...


The watch G.T.O is the cocktail of “nature” expressed by coral (interpreted by Borgonovo watch), and mechanism expressed by Ferrari 250 GTO (interpreted by watch G.T.O).

The fluid curve which characterized the Borgonovo watch project is enrichened with vibrant emotions, sparked by the idea to interpret and capture the smooth, romantic and aggressive forms of Ferrari 250 GTO.

The adjectives which can describe the G.T.O watch are: modern, revolutionary, complicated, magically romantic.

…It is time to breathe the energy...

I’m watching my Burago model car of Ferrari 250 GTO, a toy car which I owned for years and now, sits in my bedroom, under the mirror and above the sink. Athena and Sole, my little gils, know that they could not touch it without me. Everytime seeing it brings out emotions, it is so perfect! It is like a female body, a song from the mermaids.

With the toy car in my hands, I walk barefeet in my creative refuge: my home. The usual white table, the usual white papers and the usual black pen await me. In front of the commanding post (my table), the Ferrari 250 GTO and palpable immaginations fill the void. The pen design lines, rotations, ideas and forms: car and watch embrace each other generating new ideas.

...a great arch connect back windowpane to the front headlights, shaping the glass dome, as if it is a weightless soap bubble. Other arches cut out the shape of the watch-car. My art visions of cubism and futurism permit me to deconstruct and reassemble, in orderly random ways, of the technical particulars: The front airshaft become the strap position; The sinuous form on the car body side become the casebody of the watch; The retro vision mirror become the caseback of the watch. The outer case has taken form, soft like a Henry Moore sculpture coming from the tunnel of wind of Ferrari Garage. The pen designs lines that intertwine, searches in mind suggestions and immaginations; with the alchemy of shapes, transforms the screw of wheel into the watch crown: same shape and same mechanical function of closure.