Hermès unveiled a new extended store at Taikoo Hui Mall in Guangzhou, China

Luxferity, 15.04.2020

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Hermès unveiled a new extended store at Taikoo Hui Mall in Guangzhou, China

On 11th April 2020, Hermès reopened its Taikoo Hui Guangzhou store at a new location within the mall. This reopening affirms the house’s commitment to Southern China and marks a new chapter for the Parisian house in Guangzhou, where it has been present since 2004.

The Hermès store located in Taikoo Hui Guangzhou first opened in 2011 and has now moved to a new location by the mall’s atrium, inviting visitors to discover the diversity of the Parisian house’s creations within a larger floorspace of 511 m2. The new store has added an extensive exterior façade which features a wall with a modern yet minimalist aesthetic, cleverly combining the local tradition of brick making and enamel craftsmanship. The enamel-covered bricks are arranged horizontally and create volume in a unique progressive three segment pattern. At ground level, on the inside of the large glass window, a carefully arranged wooden screen offers a semi-transparent view into the inside of the store.

Designed by the Parisian architecture agency RDAI, the now two-storey interior space can be entered by one of the two main entrances located on both floors of the store. Upon entering on the ground level, visitors are greeted by a steel Hermès ex-libris cast on the beige and coffee-coloured mosaic floor which is inspired by the Parisian Faubourg Saint-Honoré flagship store. The whole interior has been designed to be open plan, with Hermès’ collections displayed in a continuous and organically flowing space. An interplay of materials, colours and textures was designed to provide a smooth transition from one universe to another.

Visitors first discover silk collections, fashion accessories, and perfumes. They are invited to keep discov- ering the Hermès collections by following hallways decorated in amber tones that contrast with the beige marble floor. Moving further within the store, visitors find the equestrian métier, the collections for the home and the women’s universe. The areas dedicated to leather goods, jewellery and watches are covered with inlaid-bamboo walls in a deep red-brown colour, providing a sense of intimacy. Located near the main entrance, stairs lead to the first floor with a back wall entirely faced in dark enamel bricks, echoing the exterior façade. This wall features a diptych entitled "Le Cirque", an equestrian art piece painted by the French artist Jean-Louis Sauvat which depicts horses in motion. The second level hosts exclusively the men’s universe with ready-to-wear, shoes and masculine silk. The overall cherrywood finished walls brighten this space. To mark this reopening, exclusive objects have been created with bespoke versions of the Birkin bag interpreting the Brandebourgs scarf design in different colours and techniques.

The new Hermès store offers local customers and new visitors an enhanced retail experience, with a unique, harmonious and warm environment. It binds the local and traditional, yet innovative and bustling essence of Guangzhou with the Parisian house’s creativity and fine craftsmanship.