The new groundbreaking Flex’it collections - FOPE at VicenzaOro January 2020

Luxferity, 27.01.2020


VicenzaOro January is the first international B2B show of the new year, a key moment for brands to introduce their new jewellery collections and meet buyers from all around the world.

At the FOPE stand, centre stage goes to the launch of a never-seen-before Flex’it mesh chain, which finds its first interpretation in the new Panorama collection. This is the first brand new Flex’it model in a few years and it represents the stunning result of the joint efforts of in-house goldsmiths and designers.

In addition to that, the Italian brand will also introduce a few developments to existing lines.

The Panorama Collection

FOPE is proud to present a new distinctive Flex’it mesh chain which is chiefly representative of the brand and manages to set even higher standards to the brand’s stunning jewellery ranges. This new collection is called Panorama and it embodies a true celebration of the understated luxury which FOPE has always championed - with an extra touch of elegance.

The 18 carat gold mesh features the signature Novecento style, while the result is a wider and finer chain which provides an unexpectedly new feel on the skin. Flexible bracelets and rings, necklaces and earrings (available in two sizes) make Panorama a fantastic enhancement to FOPE’s offering. The set of gold bars added to each piece of the suite varies in number and carat weight, while they all guarantee enough sparkle for everyone’s taste.

This time it has taken about 24 months from the designers’ initial sketches to a fully developed new collection - a proof of the incredible amount of high technological commitment put into each FOPE jewel.

That partially justifies the worldwide success of Flex’it: it is innovative, original, and one of a kind in the international jewellery industry (which is why the Flex’it creations are always patented).

The other reason why they are so beloved by the international public resides in their blend of elegance and comfort.

The inspiration for the name of this collection comes from the shape of the gold bars that enrich the mesh chain, which recall the components of a panorama wheel, but it also refers to a succession of frames that represent a continuous scene and reveal a wider view.

Both meanings will become clear and reveal their full potential later in 2020.