RODERER launched its new collection of premium leather goods for man

Luxferity, 17.12.2019


The Elegant-driven brand reinvents leather goods for today’s modern man, blending avant-garde design, timeless refinement and minimalist sophistication.

Leather. Beautifully crafted.

Leather essentials - tailor made for men

RODERER is a premium leather goods brand for today’s modern man.

Handmade from the finest Italian leather, each RODERER item embodies contemporary elegance, blending avant-garde design, timeless refinement and minimalist sophistication. Created in 2016 by Olivier Birault, RODERER takes inspiration from the “Less is more” principle. Every one of our creations exemplifies our House motto – “Leather. Beautifully Crafted.”

Our philosophy

A permanent collection that’s continually perfected

RODERER’s goal is to create a permanent collection of iconic men’s essentials. Our pieces are not influenced by trends, yet they carry an appealing contemporary relevance. We focus on quality over quantity, so our items are carefully developed and constantly refined. Innovatively, our pieces can both “live” alone or be combined in a unique matching way. As we keep the same style and spirit, you can start your collection off with one piece then add another as you feel like it. Designed exclusively for men, our wallets, bags, bracelets, and accessories are ideal for the contemporary gentleman seeking indispensable style companions.