PINTTA - The designer

Luxferity, 17.12.2019


Born in New york, USA, in the Big Apple!

Fashion was my “sin”, since I remember as a teen-agger I was already on the Cath-walk as a model, an activity I started in the most cosmopolitan area of Portugal – Algarve.

As a « self-made-man » I was hired very young to work in the most prestigious store of the region, where very soon I was promoted to assist the CEO of the Company, to become a kind of Fashion Adviser on what concerned all the contacts with international High-end Brands (Dolce&Gabbana, Gucci, Armani, among other’s).

I needed more freedom… I didn’t knew at the time why I had that feeling…

But with some years in contact with Luxury Brands, I felt, that I would like to make something… I knew deep down in my soul, that my destiny was strongly in connection with Fashion.

The material’s , the model’s , the merchandising gave me all I needed to discover, my real ambition.

PINTTA, was born…