Loewe presents ready-to-wear collection inspired by British ceramicist William de Morgan

LVMH News, 04.12.2019


The Otter’s Tale by Loewe

British artist William de Morgan created ceramics and glassware that had a significant influence on the decorative arts in 1860s Britain. A major collaborator in the Arts & Crafts movement, he developed innovative methods for glazing, firing and coloring ceramic tiles.

The artist was also renowned for his fantastic creations and floral arabesques. This fertile imagination proved a great source of inspiration for Jonathan Anderson, Creative Director of Loewe: “For me it was a very natural process to do William de Morgan, he was a big collaborator in the Arts and Crafts movement and a true fantasist in that moment.”

Imagination is set free in Loewe seasonal ready-to-wear collection as the magical blends with the everyday. A woolen dragon’s tail accessories a coat, while animal motifs embellish pieces, including a dodo printed on the back of a black leather jacket or a peacock-print trench coat in indigo, cerulean and green.

Source: © Loewe

The iconic Puzzle, Hammock and Gate bags feature embroidered or leather patchwork feathers and flowers. This reinterpretation of De Morgan’s technical virtuosity once again showcases Loewe’s exquisite craft savoir-faire.

For the launch of the Loewe de Morgan collection, the Maison also released a film done with Nina Gantz, a director recently honored at the BAFTA Film Awards. Entitled An Otter’s Tale, the short film presents William de Morgan’s creatures alongside Loewe models wearing pieces from the collection for an immersion into the heart of talent and creativity shared by Loewe and the artist.