Christian Louboutin takes his Loubhoutan capsule to Dubaï

Christian Louboutin, 10.12.2019


True to his globetrotting nature, Christian Louboutin celebrated the regional launch of his LouBhoutan Capsule collection in Dubai, one of the 6 cities to offer the collection along with London, New York, Paris, and New Delhi. Never one to do things by halves, the designer held the event at the Leila Heller Gallery, taking his guests on an imaginary journey to Bhutan.

The atmosphere was buzzing as was the décor, with pops of colour, shimmering details and accents of light, paying tribute to the Maison’s trademark upbeat energy. Amongst the famous faces to dance the night away in this magical world were Carmen Bsaibes, Mona Zaki, Fouz, Fatima Almomen, Ascia and Laila Mourad