Chaumet reopened its doors at the 12 Vendôme in Paris

Chaumet, 03.03.2020

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The heart of maison Chaumet

Located at no. 12, Chaumet's hôtel particulier stands majestically in the centre of mythical place Vendôme, the epicentre of Parisian luxury. Long before it bore the name of Chaumet, in 1812 the Maison was the first jeweller to take up residence on this mythical place, at no. 15, the address of the Ritz Paris today. Joseph Chaumet chose to establish his Maison at no. 12 from 1907.

Welcome to the 12 Vendôme

Today this historic address houses a boutique with spaces that have been entirely redesigned, salons dedicated to culture where part of the Maison’s heritage is shown, as well as the High Jewellery workshop. This exceptional place was given its triple vocation from the beginning.

The boutique